Hi November.

November. Fuck. How can it be November already? I feel like we were sweating and sleeping without covers with all windows open just yesterday. But it’s November now. Deep fall. Almost winter. It’s getting darker and colder and we’re hiding out in bars or in our beds warming up with drinks or soup. Isn’t it kind of nice? I mean, sure, it’s so much easier when all you have to do is pull on an oversized t-shirt and get away with calling it an outfit. But there is something beautifully melancholic about seasons changing. I embrace the blueness that comes with it. Finally I don’t have to be so damn delightful, but instead listen to moody music write my heart out and stay up too late drinking whiskey in the back of a bar. Come at me in a month and I’ll be dying for some sun and lighter clothes, but as for now my mentality is working surprisingly good. 

So to continue in good spirits, here’s a list of good things that’s going on right now.

- Nicole and I have decided to go to California in March. I am so beyond stoked. We’ll fly to San Francisco where we’ll spend a couple of days walking the hills, eating the food, taking touristy photos in front of the Golden Bridge. Then we’ll rent a car and drive Highway 1 down to LA with a pitstop somewhere along the way. Preferably at a B&B with a view over the cliffs and the ocean. Because you know, I hear that Cali scenery is supposed to be pretty stunning. And then we’ll hang out in Los Angeles for 5 days or so. Rent a space in Echo Park, drive out to Malibu, go thrift shopping, drink Coronas at sunset. YEAH BUDDY.

- I rewatched ‘cherry’ the other day because Netflix was boring me out and who doesn’t like watching pretty boys on skateboards? Watch the Bill Strobeck for Supreme film here and enjoy the hotness and soundtrack.

- A pretty boy texted me a couple of nights ago saying he was a block away and wanted to say hi. So I went downstairs in my pajamas, freezing. We shared a cigarette and talked like we know each other but we don’t. His black leather jacket was warm from his skin as he put his hands with fingernails painted black around my back. Then we made out for ten minutes and he was smiling the entire time. I went back up to my apartment where my roommates were asleep and felt like a 15 year old who’d sneaked out from her parents.

- And last but not least. I’ve decided to buy a video camera. When Frida-My was here visiting me in January I got one and loved it. But then I didn’t really use it much and I ended up selling it to her. But now I want one again! I feel like I should just start capturing everything and compile it into little videos. Does anyone have any suggestions of what type of camera I should go for? I want to go for something quite cheap and shitty rather than putting up $$$ in case I lose interest again. We all know I’m not the most patient person. Still, very excited to have a new companion that I’ll bring with me everywhere.

How are you guys? Hope this fall is treating you well.

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