It's almost Christmas. I have no Christmas vibe at all, but hopefully it will kick in when I go home next week. Can't wait to sit on the couch while my parents are preparing the herring, make tons of candy and watch every Christmas episode of Friends with my brother. But there are also all the presents! I should probably just wish for donations to my Cali trip in March, but if I could dream... 

I've been eyeing this leather jumpsuit for almost a month now. Jesus Christ it's the best thing I've ever seen. 320 bucks, chop chop! Imagine this on New Years with nothing underneath, but a big fluffy fur over it and a pair of leather loafers. Yum.

A light denim jacket. Preferably vintage for the right lil touch. This is something I should get over here though, since vintage in Stockholm is pretty wack and extremely over prized.

These slip ons from COS. Would wear them this spring with vintage jeans and mini skirts.

The pinky Signet ring from J. Hannah. I don't wear any jewelry, but I love the thought of having one statement piece that you never take off. This little pinky ring in silver would be the perfect one. 

Underwear from Wood Wood. The comfier the better. 

This print by talented Christiane Spangberg. It's not up for sale and was made exclusively for Unconditional Magazine, but if I could dream I would have this on my wall. 

So if you want to send me any of this, just email me for my adress <3 cool thanks.


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