One year anniversary

GUYS! I've lived in New York for a year! In honor of this mess of a city and my mess of a life I've compiled a post that might come down as the longest blog post in history. Summing up this year even though that's impossible. Never felt as much as I've done during this past year. Anyway. Ready? Let's go.

On 3rd of November I had dinner with my family, kissed them goodbye but wasn't that emotional since this has been my jam since like 2012. Goodbyes are just part of everyday life. Buh bye fam!

And then I was here. Crashed with Theresa and Lisa for a week and we had beers on their roof overlooking the skyscrapers. 

Finally I got to move into my apartment in West Village. I thought I would love living there but ugh. The area is lovely, but kinda boring in my opinion. Anyway, had the best roommates in three boys who would guide me through the mind of boys I slept with and pay for my dinner when I was broke.

I had dinner with these dreamboats. Momo, Louis and Ludde. 

It was Thanksgiving! Momo, Ludde, Lisa and I cooked this lovely feast in my apartment. Okay, Luds cooked and the rest of us took photos and smoked cigarettes.

And then we went to Le Bain and got drunk. Miss these three so much.

Emma came to visit! She was here with her family and took a day to hang out with me. 

And at Christmas my family came. I stayed with them at the hotel, it was 23 degrees and we spent the 6 days they were here drinking cocktails and eating fancy food. How lucky am I to have a family that's so much fun to hangout with?

The new year came and Sanna and I met up with our boy in Williamsburg. A few days earlier I had invited her to our delayed Christmas party with work and we ended up being snowed into my apartment due to a snow storm with two of my co-workers. All falling asleep with our hands in bags of chips. Took me about a week to get past that hangover.


In February I went home to renew my visa. Had reunions with family and such. 

Sanna sent me my American card that I accidentally left at Kinfolk with an open tab...


Went to London to celebrate Nicolas and Daniel's 30th birthday. 

We even went to Copenhagen for a bit. Had more fun than on any trip I've ever been on. 

Then I went back to New York and had vacation for 3 whole weeks. Kristiina was here and hung out with me (meaning eating food and drinking wine).

Before it got warm enough we were freezing after sundown on my friends' rooftops.

But during the days it was summer and I drank sangria, made out most of the time, caught up with friends I hadn't seen in a while. 

Lisa and I went to Callbox Lounge with Nico and Jonathon and got drunker than usual. FUN!

And before Kris went home summer exploded. 


When I weren't busy catching my breath from kissing, I chilled with these babies. Lisa and Sanna.

When I was home from work because of the gross virus impetigo I got really bored and cut bangs on myself. Turned out pretty cute though. 


Went down to the water with these two one night. 

Emma came to visit again! This time only to hang out with me for a whole week. The dream.

Had the most fun and ate a lot of hot dogs with this guy. 

Met my love Nicole for the first time! We were supposed to grab one beer but ended up hanging out till 1 am. If that's not love at first sight I don't know what is.

I turned 24 and had cocktails and dinner with my best people, Sanna, Nicolas, Ludde, Louis and Colby at Lucien. 

Had another round of impetigo and went to the doctors. Felt sorry for myself.

It was hot as fuck and I stripped down on my roof to catch some rays.

Nicolas and I went to The Brooklyn Museum and I related to this quote more than any of the art.

In August I went home to Sweden and hung out with my brother.

And a week after I got back my mom and brother came to hang out with me for a week!

I was drunk at a fancy restaurant in Midtown.

My boss' dog Leroy is the best little sausage who usually falls asleep on my feet. 

One day in early September I jumped on the train to Rockaway with some friends.


And then I moved into my new apartment with Nora and Stina! A lovely little three bedroom in south Williamsburg.

Life turned around a bit and I was miserable and couldn't stop crying one Sunday afternoon so Nicole got me drunk. <3

And then one day I decided that life is way more fun if you don't sit at home and mope so I went out and danced and made out with cute boys and had gin tonics every other night.

Toured bodegas with a drunk Nicole searching for the best deli sandwich. 

And spent lazy Sunday's with this star.

This fall has been fucking gorgeous with sunny warm days. Only two weeks ago I was having brunch with Nicole in the sun in Greenpoint.

And last weekend it was Halloween and I was Britney and it was the best night of my life. Almost. 

Here's to another year in this dream place. 

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