Flashback Friday

Yesterday I was bored for a minute and decided to go through my mom's old external hard drive. It is FULL of gems, I can tell you that. I thought we could take a look on my life (or more like me...) starting from 2005.

For some reason my mom's digital documentation of our lives starts in June 2005 when I was 12 and swimming with my frog legs. Next to me is Jenny, my friend, my parents god child and my life coach from age 0 to maybe 15. 

This was when we still had our sail boat and we would spend the summers in the archipelago, sailing from island to island. Here we're at Hemholmen, where Jenny and her family used to rent a house. And I was Too Loveli For You. Obvi. 

With my dad and Jesper, probably bored out of my mind because it always took so long wherever we were going. 

We would also hang out at our summer house in Skåne. This was before my grandpa renovated the whole place and turned it into a god damn palace. Still love that cracked pink color though. It reminds me of hugging my great grandmother goodbye, jumping into the car to drive back to Stockholm and she would stand in the main entrance and wave goodbye with her tiny, wrinkly hand. 

And then I started 7th grade and turned into a hairspray loving, foundation addict teenager who'd sing karaoke with Mickis before going to the filming of Idol. 

In January 2006 we went to Thailand with the whole fam to celebrate my grandma's 60th birthday. 

And here I am, same year, swimming from the cliffs when we were out with the boat. Looking comfy in that water. Natural habitat for sure.

Hanging out in some more water. This time in Spain. 

And at Christmas I wore a  beige sparkly thing and had red eyes.

In May 2007 this happened. I had a little incident while dying my hair at home and turned out like Pippi Longstocking. My dad thought this was HILAR and wanted to take a number of photos, suggesting I should put on different colored socks. I would not have it. 

My hair slowly turned darker as I dyed it around 10 times that summer. Here I am out canoeing (yes, we went canoeing) with Jesper (THAT BRACE FACE <3) and my dad. 

Here's me and my mama in our old house, later that summer, trying out some old dresses she had (I hope she threw these out?) in her closet. I remember her wearing that floral dress when we went to my dad's best friend's wedding in Brazil in 2003 and I thought it was the prettiest thing. I'm glad my taste has improved...

And in September 2007 I had my confirmation. I'm the one giving zero fucks there in the middle. Clearly only doing this for the gifts. 

Over Easter break 2008 I went to our country house with my bff Sofia. We're matching with our KSSS pants <3 For those of you who are not from Sweden, those sweatpants were the coolest thing you could wear at this time. They're so ugly. 

Here I am with black hair and my two baby cousins, Hanna and Edvin, at Christmas later that year. They're so cute and small <3 <3 

Jump to spring 2009 and I was hungover at Gröna Lund (a theme park in Stockholm) with those two rascals. I had cut my bangs (this is where my love-hate relationship to my bangs starts) and was wearing something similar to a potato bag? Hanna is adrobs as usual. 

Showing some attitude when about to take a swim. That summer my family borrowed our friend's speed boat (by this time we had sold our sail boat) and went out to the islands for a weekend. We were bbqing the first night and I accidentally got some raw meat and spent the whole night in the woods. Moments like that reminds you you're till one of the people. Keeping it real.

Later that summer we went to Mallorca and I looked this cute in my self-cut, uneven bangs and burnt cheeks. 17 and lovin life!

And that's where I'll leave you for now. Maybe my high school pics will come up in the near future. Hope you enjoyed this ego trip down Memory Lane. Now I have to go to the bank, because I'm a grown up and that's what grown up's do.

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