A vacation

I'm craving some sun and the sea so much I think my winter pale body might break into a thousand pieces any minute now. So, let's go on vacation for a post.

We'll go to the Mediterranean somewhere, southern Spain, Italy or France. I don't really care, but I want beaches and white houses with pink flowers climbing on the walls and narrow alleys lit up by fairy lights at night. 

We'll rent a house with a big garden or an apartment with a sun drenched roof terrace where we'll eat all our meals and drink our wine. 

We'll only wear light, comfy items like breezy silk robes or trousers in white linen. Our hair is tangled from the salty sea and our skin is freckled from the sun. 

We'll eat fresh pasta with sweet tomatoes and garlic, drink strong coffee and snack on fruit that tastes better than anywhere else. 


We'll spend our days eating breakfast for hours, swim in the sea, smoke cigarettes on the porch, pick oranges from the trees on our way into town, not wearing make up, not doing anything.

Any takers?


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