Happy Friday!

Hi! It's Friday! For like another 30 minutes at least. I'm so happy about it (even more than usual) because I've been working like 12 hours a day this week. It's kinda hard to find a balance when you work with people in a different time zone and you like your job so you don't shut down at a reasonable hour. But now it's the weekend and let's ENJOY it. 

Let me treat you with some good reads/looks/listens: 

Justin Bieber at the BRITs <3 <3 <3 Seriously. Can't take it anymore. 

Lena Dunham on Kesha in the latest Lenny Letter. On point as usual. Also, the fact that like 99% of people taking a stand on this are female musicians? Where the fuck are the men? Oh that's right, they've never had to go through or worry about anything like this so it's not their problem. Sorry, I forgot...

THIS JACKET. I want it so bad. Does anyone know where it's from? Does anyone have it and want to give it to me? <3


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