Music Monday

Good morning! So - Leo finally won huh? I already watched his speech and it was beautiful. And that cut to Kate sitting there bathing in pride. Wonderful. Giving the internet exactly what it wants. And also, I got to say - Alicia Vikander is a goddess <3 

I've spent the weekend working, eating semlor, drinking wine with Frida and Laura and having dinner with my family. I've also rearranged my Spotify. Last week I was exchanging some playlists with my co-worker Jessica and I realized it so much better to keep my songs in playlists based on genre. I'm what you would call a Spotify-playlist-freak who needs them neat and structured. So I think this will be good for me and my OCD soul. And of course I'll share them with you babies. 

So far I've created six playlist. 

The first one is ye ye ye. This is where you go if you want heavy beats and sick rhymes. All hip hop and rap. Divine. Follow it here. 

The second one is electronic stuff, which is exactly what it sounds. Electronic stuff. A mix of beep beep tunes, house and maybe a little bit of techno. Follow it here. 

Grind is the ultimate baby making playlist. RnB forever <3 <3 <3 Trying to keep it mellow in here and put the more heavy ones in ye ye ye. Follow it here. 

Chill waves is where the non hiphop/rnb tracks end up. A bit of rock, pop and electronic influences. Follow it here. 

Bonfire is the worst name for a playlist ever. But this is all folk soul acoustic cozy time. Follow it here.

And duh is all my guilty pleasures which I am actually not feeling that guilty for listening to. Embrace it. Follow it here.

And of course you can follow my Spotify profile here. Happy listening!


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