So guess what...

I feel like there's been so much going back and forth. Both in my head and with my physical location. What to do. Where to do it. How to do it. Especially before I got home I was so confused and my mind was scattered all over the world. But as soon as I put my feet on Stockholm ground I realized that I left something too fucking great behind. Something I shouldn't have left behind. So I emailed my two bosses at Stinkdigital way sooner than we had agreed on touching base, sold my soul and basically cried TAKE ME BACK PLEASE. And last night I got an email from them with two pair of open arms to run straight into. I'm going back. I'll be working as a junior writer and I couldn't be more excited. When I got their email it felt like Mount Everest got lifted off my shoulders and I could breathe again. 

Damn. Now it starts. I'll be working. Like an adult. I'll be living in New York. Like, for real. And I won't have to leave within three months. I CAN GET MY VALUE SIZED SCHAMPOO! AND STOCK UP ON GROCERIES! FI-NA-LLY. 

Now it's just up to my visa status to decide when I can jump on a flight back. NEW YORK <3 <3