Favorite blogs + online mags.

I read SO MANY blogs and online magazines, but there are only a few that I check out everyday. So without further ado, here's the, kind of, short list of websites I check out basically every time I open up my browser.

Linn Wiberg. My bff and hero and role model. I love Linn's way of writing. Even more now that she's writing in both Swedish and English (yes I'm word-nerd who read both her versions to see how she translates) and it makes me miss her less. And sometimes more, but whatever.

Frida Sundqvist. Another bff who is the most stylish person I've ever met, and so is her website. She updates her work here, but there's also a blog section where she posts outfit pics and music and inspiration. 

Maria Van Nguyen. Maria is Norwegian and - if I got it right - just moved back to Oslo from New York. She's a designer and her outfits are on point ever single day. Very minimalistic, very zen. Love it. 

Into the Gloss. This is my beauty bible. My favorite posts are the interviews with women on their beauty routines. Emily Weiss who started it is a flawless queen (even though those does not exist) who has brought Glossier (aka best skin and make up line in the world) into my life.

Maja Hattvang. This is a new addition to my <3 www <3-folder. Maja is Norwegian and her blog feels so luxurious. I love it! She's like, I don't know, she just has this flare that makes me want to live like her. Lots of lifestyle, interior and outfits. 

Man Repeller. Who isn't in love with Leandra Medine? If not then we're not friends. I LOVE how she writes about fashion, takes it seriosuly (as it deserves to be taken) but at the same time kills with with her humor. If I could trade looks with anyone, she's my top 1.

Nowness. Nowness is my go-to for pretty videos and short films.

Semplice. I love looking at people's portfolios. Not because of people's work, but because of the design of their sites. Semplice showcase is great for that. Prepare to indulge in beautiful graphic design. 

Hanna Stefansson. Love this blog! Especially when she travels. And I love how smiley she is! No cool girl poses here. It feels unique today, which is pretty twisted.

Amuse. This is a part of Vice and feels like a glossy magazine. Pretty photos and interesting articles. 

Pitchfork. Everything music.

Semaine. This is a new find! It's a website that features celebs who talk about their week. You can go straight to a day or you can scroll through the whole thing. Such a nice design of the website and the stories are great.


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Have a great Friday! <3