Hopelessness and pure joy.

Hey you lovely people <3 So much shit going on, huh? Another terror attack in Turkey, shootings at a hotel in Côte d'Ivoire, Donald Trump being an over all racists asshole and the people supporting him being stupid, ignorant jerks etc etc.  Fuck, I honestly feel a little scared moving back to a country where it's possible for a man who encourages violence, talk proudly about building walls along the US' boarders and who is a deep rooted racist to make it as a presidential candidate. All these idiots are making it really hard for the rest of us to stay positive, but for some reason we manage, right? We have to. Focus on positive things. For example this open letter from Humans of New York author Brandon Stanton, speaking up for all of us who's voices aren't strong (read: famous) enough to make it through all the buzz.

Speaking of things that makes it easier to go by these days: in a week I'll be in London with my favorite gang where we'll be celebrating Daniel and Nicolas' 30th birthday before jetting off to Copenhagen for 4 days. I will work from London, but have taken days off for the Denmark trip and I'm so stoked. Can't wait for two weeks of Linn-time, can't wait to hang out with all of them, can't wait to be filled up with energy and lol's, can't wait to be in London AND Copenhagen. AH TOO MUCH JOY!

Even though I've lived in London and I know Linn basically has the city in her backpocket and knows exactly where we should work during the days and drink our cocktails at night, I thought maybe you know something she doesn't? And we're definitely lost in Copenhagen so if you know any places to eat breakfast, to stroll around, stores to check out, bars to hit up at night etc etc - let me know in the comments.

You da best, stay kind <3

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