Lobs and spring jackets

First of all - thank you for your commitment to my search for hair happiness <3 You guys voted for the long bob (or, the LOB as one of you said!) and I'm getting there. The other day I made my mom cut off around 6 cm in a very blunt, straight cut. I'm still considering cutting it shorter, but I'm starting with this. It feels fresh and thick and healthy and it's closer to my grown out bangs (new hair goal: have everything in the same length). I'm half-way there!

Moving on to spring jackets... Yesterday I bought one from Weekday. A green, army-style jacket that I think I'd like to run straight into spring with. But I'm not completely sure. It's hanging in my room rn so I can look at it and make my mind up. I kind of want a more dressy jacket/coat, but I don't know what really... Maybe more of a blazer? Or should I invest in a leather jacket? Ugh, I'm a mess when it comes to (very important obvi) decisions at the moment. I'll be back with a result this weekend.