A list with photos

A photo from a Saturday night

Lisa in Berlin 2014. It was 30 degrees and we spent the evening eating chips, drinking cava and smoking cigarettes in our yard before going out. I MISS HER SO <3

A photo from a Sunday morning

A Sunday morning in Spain two years ago. Me and my mom went to Gran Canaria for a week and did nothing but lay in the sun, eat and sleep.

A photo describing why fall is amazing


I don't really think fall is that amazing, but it's rad when you're in London drinking beer on the sidewalk with your people.

A photo of you that you like

My current profile picture on Facebook from a freezing day in Williamsburg.

A photo of something you do every day

Procrastinating. Here I am looking busy with Amelie at McCann in London a year and a half ago.

A photo of something you find luxurious

First day of vacation.

A photo of something that makes you happy

FaceTiming with my brother, grandma and dad. 

A photo describing the reality


When my roommate and his new girlfriend couldn't get enough.

A photo of something you love doing

Hanging out by the sea with my best friends.

A photo of your friends

At least some of them! In the photo booth at Baalsaal in Hamburg with Chris, Carine, Max and Dean <3

A photo of something that hurt

When I walked back into the coffee shop asking if I'd forgot my sunglasses but the barista laughed and said they're on my head.

A photo of a fun party

Our graduation party where I got strangled in a group hug with Jakob, James and Mayan.

A photo from your work

I don't have any photos from my office, but this is right outside the door. Not too shabby.

A photo from a good hair day

The best hair days are always at the beach. This one is in Thailand.

A photo to end this list with

Buh bye! Off to make something of this Saturday.