All the women

Hi ladies! I love you!!!!!!! I love women!!!! And I'm so fucking happy I am one. We're so smart and funny and pretty and fast and sexy and nice. We have the best bodies that are curvy and straight and strong and weak and long and short. We have boobs! They're the best no matter size or form. We also have the best clothes; all the dresses and skirts and pants and sweaters and accessories. What do guys have? T-shirt and jeans in earthy colors? I feel sorry for them because we have fucking one-of-a-kind embroidered lace sequin-decorated flared culottes.

I love femininity and how it makes women unique. Because the meaning of it is something different to every woman. I think of femininity as something that enhances our quirks and flaws, and not as a bunch of ideals that tears them down. I think of us as these amazing mysteries that men wants to solve, but they never will. Because we're magic. Duh. 

Here is a list of magic women I look to for (any kind of) inspiration.

Lena Dunham
Emily Ratajkowski
Alexa Chung
Jemima Kirke
Linn Wiberg
Amy Poehler
Amy Schumer
Jennifer Lawrence
Christina Yang
Patti Smith
Mayan Sabry
Chloe Sevigny
Caroline De Maigret
Sofia Coppola
Neneh Cherry
Samantha Jones
Jillian Banks
Solange Knowles
Britney Spears
Camille Rowe
Danielle Haim
Emma Watson
Lena Regeheim
Tavi Gevinson
Renata Molho
Grace Coddington 

It could go on forever but I'll stop here to avoid this post being a mile long. <3 Stand tall! <3

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