Gritty bars, Rihanna nights and rooftops.

On Saturday night, after a day of brunch, shopping in Soho and afternoon drinks off Bowery Kris and I went over to Jane's in Williamsburg where we had Smirnoff Ice (#tbt) and later went out and walked up to Brooklyn Bowl. They were having a Rihanna/Beyonce tribute party, which honestly sounds like the best party ever, but so thought the rest of New York and the line was beyond insane. 

Luckily we're not picky with clubs and so we broke it down in front of a food cart blasting Alive with Celine Dion. But we also made it to Kinfolk for a bit. I love that place, but I always feel so lame??? Like the white girl in Save the Last Dance when she tries to roll her hips. That's me at Kinfolk. Anyways... After a bit of going back and forth Kris and Jane decided to call it quits and Lisa and I went to Greenpoint to meet up with Nicolas, Jonathon, Steven and Lexie. 

We took a cab, chatting to the driver about his kids and his chef career and ended up at Callbox Lounge. As we opened the door and stepped in they were playing Hotline Bling, so we knew right away this was our kind of spot. The girls playing music of their laptops knew exactly how to satisfy our group, sticking to Bieber, Drake, Rihanna and Kanye all night long. 

We ended up like this, so I have to say it was a good night. We stayed till close and then stalked Lisa home while she was listening to some Brazilian pop in her headphones.

The next day I wake up with two warm arms around me and all I really want is to stay in bed all day. But the sun is shining and Kris is waiting for me, so after an hour or two of procrastinating/making out I make my way to the subway and head home to freshen up.

After breakfast at one of my favorite places, Campbells Cheese & Grocery, it's already afternoon. Kris and I walk over to Jane's where we hang out on her roof, drinking slushy drinks and eating some amazing beef buns she made us. I love having friends who actually like to cook and feed me with their creations <3 

We hangout and eat and drink as the sun disappears behind the loft buildings. Not ready to go home just yet we cover up in blankets and warm each others hands up, before climbing down the stairs and out on the busy dark street.

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