Right now I'm chugging ginger tea with honey after waking up way too early after the number of drinks we had last night. But I have a cough that won't let me sleep and a friend next to me in bed that I should let sleep, so I made it out to the couch. I think my body is screaming for some R&R, but looking back on these past weeks it feels totally worth having caught a cough over. 

Today is Kris' last day before she goes back to Stockholm tomorrow and I just can't understand where these 3 weeks went. It's been so great having her here for so long and I'll just ignore the fact that I won't see her again till fucking August. I always find it weird when you spend that much time with someone and how when they leave there's like an emptiness and silence lingering that's so hard to shake. I'll miss having her here.

Luckily I have my weekend filled with date nights and moving into my new place and a trip to IKEA for pillows and meatballs, so I should be okay. 

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