Goodbyes and drowsiness

I'm completely worn out. My body is starting to fail me which is not ideal since I have to pack everything I own, sort out all kinds of banking/phone/whatever stuff and say goodbye to my people during the next days. Cause on Thursday I'm jumping on a plane back to New York! I can't WAIT. So for now I'm going with the tactics of ignoring everything my body tells me and just keep going as usual. 

Last night I put on a blouse and leather jacket from Zara, vintage denim from Levi's and my Adidas Superstar and went for dinner at Laura's with my girl gang. As always she had cooked an amazing dinner for us and we ate it while catching up on boys, school, work, summer plans and what not. Around midnight I gave them extra long hugs and said see you later. It breaks my heart every time, but we've gotten so good at it. I mean, it helps that they're coming to visit me and I'm going to visit in the summer. But still </3

As I got home I realized I didn't have my keys with me nad I instantly felt like breaking down in tears because I was so tired, hungover/drunk and sick. But after having crashed for a few hours at Kristiina's I made it home around 6am, just in time before both my parents were leaving for the airport. Went straight to bed and went back to a drowsy slumber that was something in between sleep and reality.