Hypothetical daughters, birthmarks and Maggie.

I found this list on Flora's blog and I'm waiting for the coconut oil that I've drenched my hair in to do its magic so here we go.

How has your day been?
I woke up way too early and couldn't go back to sleep. Scrolled through instagram for hours while waiting for my snoring company to wake up. Then we went for breakfast and had avocado toasts and smoothies and then I kissed him goodbye, went home and cleaned up my room. And now I'm writing this!

What would've been your name if it wasn't what it is now?
If I remember correctly my parents were thinking about Mikaela. Or Lovisa, which is my middle name now. I'm happy with Frida though. Just last night my uber driver explained to me how it's an Arabic name that means unique. I mean, no surprise there but still.

What do you do when no one else is around?
Watch One Tree Hill. Take selfies. And photos of my moles and birthmarks and compare them to cancer moles on Google. Blog. And obviously the stuff everyone does when they're alone, because I'm a person.

Is there an everyday-routine that you find extremely fun?
I love to organize stuff. Like right now for example, I'm just filled with joy because my room is clean and tidy. I also think eating is the best thing in the world. But big whoop. 

If you would become psychologically ill, what illness would get?
This is such a strange question. I think many (I'm not 100% sure here, so don't mark my words) psychological illnesses are chemical reactions in your body and doesn't necessarily have to have anything to do with things you've gone through etc, although these reactions usually are triggered by stuff like that. I was actually just talking about this the other day and how I feel like I've had such a vanilla life so far and I'm over all a happy and content person. Of course I've gone through things that have been tough and that has made me feel low for a certain time, but over all I think I'm a very anxiety-free person. It's very easy for me to let go of things, which sometimes can be a bad thing. But it's resulted in a pretty relaxed view on life I think. I don't know. It's weird to "discuss" something like this with yourself. So moving on...

What do you order at the bar?
Beer mostly. Some light lager. Or slushy drinks because it's summer now!

What is your biggest fear?
I'm so scared of getting sick. But I'm also extremely scared of going to the doctor. So that's kind of a problem. I have so many freckles and birthmarks that I should go check and every time I go home to Sweden I say I'll book an appointment but I never end up going. And also of course that something would happen to the people I love. Especially when I don't live close to my family, that fear is stronger.

How should one hit on you?
If you're funny and seem like a smart person, I'm usually game if you don't look terrible (I mean, come on). And if you're getting the vibes you should just kiss me. Don't be a wuss. 

What have you been thinking about lately?
I think a lot about work and what my goals are. I think about how great it is that I get to make out with such a babe. I think about what I want to do this summer and where I'll find the money. I think about how I need this bag and also, where I'll find the money.

When do you feel ashamed?
A few days ago I was waiting for my iced coffee at Starbucks and they shouted out "grande iced" and I took it and as I walked out I heard them shout "tall iced" and I realized that that was what I ordered, but I kept on walking because grande is bigger than tall... Then I was ashamed and felt like I had to tip my lunch guy A LOT as I thought it could maybe make up for my bad karma.

Who is the most famous person you've talked to?
That would be Maggie Gyllenhaal. You know when I was basically having brunch with her and Jake? I was waiting for Frida outside the restaurant and Maggie and her daughter was waiting for Jake. Her daughter was so cute staring at my shoes so I waved at her and said hi. And then Maggie said "say hi to the girl." and then she looked at me and said "she's a little shy". GREAT CONVO.

What expression do you use a little too often?
I've gotten into a very annoying routine of saying "that's funny" when something is funny. It sounds so stupid!!! I have got to stop. Other than that maybe "oh my god!" "fuck" and "NO WAY!".

Have you ever gotten a weird, but nice compliment?
A guy once told me "If you ever get a daughter, she's gonna be so beautiful." I mean, sure she will, but are you really hitting on my hypothetical daughter right now?

What is your most common every day problem?
I get really confused in the mornings when I'm tired. The other day I got the wrong train to work and didn't realize until I was on Williamsburg Bridge.

What do you do when you get sad?
Crave for company and cry.

If you only got to wear one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Have you ever hit someone?
Only my brother, I think... And one or two catfights when I was like 8 and this one bitch in my class gave me a hard time.

What do you look forward to right now?
It's a Saturday afternoon in New York and I have no plans at all. I look forward to meeting up with people and drink on a back patio somewhere and then take the day as it comes. 

Hope you're having a lovely Saturday. Puss!