A spring in the life

Tomorrow it’ll be 25 degrees and the weather dudes are telling us that it won’t really go down from here. I think it’s pretty safe to say that summer is here now, so I thought we could look back on my spring. It’s been a good one.

At the end of March I jetted off to London. It was the start of two weeks that would go down as the most fun two weeks in history. No joke.

Linn (read more about our days of mischief on her bloggy), Daniel, Nicolas and I would start the days with breakfast at home and then hang out in various shops/restaurants/bars around Hackney. The three of them are probably the best company one can keep.


The reason for my trip (except for getting my needed Linn-time) was to celebrate the Pilaprat’s 30th birthday. We did a good job, I'd say.


And then the four of us and Jared went to Copenhagen! We spent four days running around Vesterbro, spending money in fancy restaurants, drinking whiskey in our apartment till early morning, dancing in the smoky bars of Kødbyen and getting into regular trouble such as making out in dark rooms at museums and receiving death threats from saying thanks, but no thanks to some cocaine.  

When I came home to Stockholm I had a few days to pack and say goodbye before moving back to New York, but it felt like forever. I couldn’t wait to go back, but breakfasts with Frida made time go faster.

Finally the day came and of course my flight was delayed. I was trapped in the airplane for three hours having to pee, but they kept the bathrooms locked. But any girl who’s a fan of Samantha Jones knows that it ain’t no problem.

And then I was back!

And Kris came! And it was hot as fuck!

We hung out on rooftops.

And more rooftops.

And even more rooftops. 


It's probably been the most fun spring ever. Just realized how lame that sounds, but it's true! Now let's run into summer like it's a big open field of dandelions you guys!!!! The outfits are light, the boys are pretty and the drinks are frozen. What can go wrong?

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