Bushwick is quiet

On Sunday when we woke up it was raining for the first time in weeks. At least that’s what it felt like. I didn’t mind at all though. It was like a relief. As if the lack of sun gave us an excuse for not doing anything. We slowly got dressed, me wearing the same clothes as the day before, greasy hair and swollen hay fever eyes. Him fresh out of the shower smelling like a damn dream. We went out on the wet streets of Bushwick with our hood’s up and walked around the corner for avo toasts and iced coffee at AP. We talked about Drake’s new album, obviously, and discussed the interior of the airy café. Sometimes I get a little intimidated by how much he knows about… everything? Keeping up with every freaking brand and band and everything in between. But it’s also what I like most about him. When we’re full and a bit more alive we walked over a few blocks to catch the bus to IKEA. I was supposed to move into my new room that day, so I made him come with me to buy pillows and sheets and towels. We walked around the store, touching the fabrics of duvet cases and trying out pillows before finishing it all off with meatballs, mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam as one should. He’s cuter than ever trying to pronounce the Swedish words on the labels and I just want to kiss his face all. the. time.  

On our way back the bus drove through Brooklyn neighbourhoods I’ve never been to. In the middle of a sentence he puts his hand on my knee and kiss my forehead. It’s nothing but for some reason it feels like everything. We went home to his. Made out. He skyped with his brother. I was next to him in bed going through my instagram feed, texting and almost falling asleep listening to his fast French. Ordered thai food and watched Beyonce’s Lemonade. Made out some more. And then it was 10 pm and I remembered that I had a room to move into. But he, being all sleepy and warm, made it too hard for me to leave. And honestly, who cares about unpacking all your stuff when you can spend the night next to him in a bed watching the season finale of Girls and then fall asleep on his chest? I sure didn’t.


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