Failing skin and procrastination

Hi! How are you? Hope you're somewhere warm and happy. I am for sure, but FUCK GUYS my face is falling off! I'm exaggerating of course. But I woke up yesterday with two small rashes on my chin and was a little grossed out, thinking I had scratched two mosquito bites in my sleep. Very sexy. After sending a photo to my mom aka the hobby doctor in our fam, there was no choice but to turn around on my way to work, hide from everyone, wash everything I own and go on antibiotics. They're already healing though so hopefully I will be able to go out and see some people tonight. One night at home alone had me watching Grease Live on Netflix and reminisce about my days as the Beauty School angel in our high school production of the musical (follow me on snapchat for a good throwback: fridaregeheim). I'm obviously the most restless person on this planet.

Even though I must say I've been very productive working from home, I've also done some procrastinating. Such as started on a wish list for my birthday (it's over a month away but still, you have to be prepared), worked out in the gym in my building trying not to be bothered by the buff college dude lifting weights next to me, watched 3 episodes of One Tree Hill "during my lunch break" and searched everywhere on the internet for my next pair of shoes. I'm desperate because all I wear are my sneakers and it's too hot! But I can't find any that I like that are not a million dollars. I've also been THIS close to cutting bangs. Here we go again. 

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