A list about my summer

Hi hey hello! I've spent this summer weekend doing summery things such as getting my back burnt and getting drunk on rooftops. So I thought we could continue these summer vibes on le blog. A summer list! Yay! (Shamelessly stole it from Sandra)

My plans for the summer: I'll be working all summer basically. Might sound like a bummer (and it kind of is) but honestly I feel like it's pretty easy to get into vacation mode in this city. You just pull some yolo's and exist in a sleepy, hangover bubble during the days but that's nothing a few iced coffee's can't cure. So I will hang around here, spend time in the parks and in backyards and on rooftops, blast my AC and eat a shit ton of ice cream. And then I'm going to Sweden for a week in mid-August.

How long will you be off? The week I go to Sweden. And maybe I'll take a random Friday off to go to the beach.

What are you looking forward to? Lazy weekends with the boy I like, cooling down with slushy drinks in the shade, going to Stockholm, getting even more freckles. And hopefully swim in the ocean at one point.

What are you buying for your vacation? Well I'm THIS close to getting a pair of Maryam Nassir Zadeh slippers but if I do I won't afford to be a human being for the rest of the summer. So... But I do need to get two new suitcases because they both broke during the move.

Will you get a tan? No... Well maybe the tomato red shade my back is in now will turn brown at one point. But don't hold your breath.

What will you eat? Tacos. Watermelon salad with feta cheese and mint. Ice cream. Oh and shrimps when I go home! And crayfish too! Yum!

What are you drinking? Water, slushy drinks and Mexican beer.

What will you wear? The lightest, shortest, breeziest I can find. Preferably nothing though.

What will you be listening to? This of course!

How will you hurt yourself? If it will continue as it has started then plenty of mosquito bites and bruises. Hopefully nothing too serious. 

What are you worried about? Nothing really. Maybe that my money won't last for all the fun things I want to do or that I will end up drowning in work. But since my last summer was so fucking shit I feel like I deserve a great one this year.

How will you remember the summer in September? Well, hopefully it'll still be summer in September. And in the beginning of it I'll be busy hanging out with my mom and brother who're coming to visit me! But I hope to remember it as a long sunny adventure made out of lazy days and blurry nights, filled with parties and sweaty make out sessions and pretty dresses. You know, all the good stuff.


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