Midsummer Weekend

On Friday it was Midsummer which happens to be my favorite holiday. For those of you who doesn't know, it's a Scandinavian tradition to celebrate the longest day of the year by eating food drinking snaps and making flower crowns with your family and friends. Luckily for me we're enough Swedes at the office to have our little social committee plan Midsummer's drinks and buy flowers for us to make crowns of. 

I was wearing a shirt that subbed as a dress from & Other Stories and sandals from Acne Studios. I made it all day without spilling (though one false alarm when I got a water stain and thought it was grease) and felt like a summer dream. After the drinks at work we went to the big celebration in Battery Park and I wanted to die because there were too many people and too few bathrooms. So Lisa and I bailed and went to East Village to eat some delish pasta before cutting the line at the Bowery. Some Swedish guy was throwing a Midsummer's Party on the terrace that was overfilled with models and actors and other kids that are too cool to dance. They might be boring as hell, but an empty dance floor just happens to be Lisa's and my favorite thing because it means more space for FUN.

We danced for an hour or two before we went to another empty dance floor. Our second living room, Callbox Lounge, in Greenpoint. We met up with Colby, Sanna, Nicolas and Jonathon and spent the rest of the night dancing to my Spotify playlists. At 4 am the bartender got tired of us and we had to plug out my phone and go. We got a bagel on our way home, said hello to a little kitten that meowed at us on the sidewalk and then crashed into bed only to wake up the next day with the worst hangover in a long time. Just as you should the day after midsummers.

I sort of wished I could've stayed in bed all day, but Lisa was throwing a goodbye party on her roof because she's leaving New York on Wednesday. She might as well just rip my heart out and jump on it. But since I still love her I went over there, hungover and heartbroken, spending the whole evening struggling to stay awake. Luckily there were hot dogs to eat and a guy to kiss so I made it through. 

This morning I woke up to him bringing me iced coffee and croissants that we had while watching the France game in bed. Although I have to say it's more fun watching him in his French soccer jersey, shouting in French and commenting on the players. 


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