Midsummer 2.0

I already told you about what we got up to last weekend when it was Midsummer's, but Lisa had her camera with her and took some photos. What follows are a few drunken memories.

Me in the hell that was Battery Park. I'm all for that the Swedish consulate is arranging these things, but it's just too much energy that goes into it. You're sitting in the grass and your butt itches and your legs fall asleep and there's nowhere to pee and ugh.

So these two beautiful girls went to the Bowery instead where we got down to business, as you can see. 

<3 x 100000000000

Then we took an uber to Callbox Lounge and met up with our boy Colby aka Colben. Plugged in my iPhone in the speakers and didn't play anything bad. We kept looking at each other going "THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT EVER!" because what more do you need than an empty bar, a couple of friends and your own music blasting?

We played Too Good on repeat. A few other people showed up and asked us who was in charge of the music and we proudly just nodded to the phone, proving we do have the best taste in music ever. (Writing this as I'm listening to Celine Dion you guys)

Sat down to take a lil break and text Nicolas and Jonathon to come join us, because it was too much fun for them not to be there. 


And then he came and danced with me! And hours later the bartender told us it was time to shut down and go home. So we did.

And the day after I was on Lisa's roof trying to stay alive because the hangover was too much to handle. At least Trent and Colben were there to entertain me.


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