Doctor appointments and confusion

Remember when I was hanging out at home for days because I had a very contagious rash in my face? Well I feel as if higher powers want to bitch slap me over and over again because this morning the damn rash was back. So this morning I went into the office to talk to our money-guy about my insurance since I didn't even know if I was on it yet. Luckily I was. 

I went to the doctors and had the best damn experience in my life. Dr. Angela something treated me like a princess and took a bunch of other tests on me to see that everything was a-ok. Which it was! Yay! I'm so scared of going to the doctors and when she asked me if she could check my vitals I was like ehhhhhmmmm because I don't want anything to be wrong. Logic is taking a hit today. I know. But after 15 minutes I left with a prescription for antibiotics, some strong cream that's gonna kill this bitch in no time and a lighter heart. Thanks Dr. Angie, I love you.

Other than that I feel like I'm stuck in a constant state of confusion. You know, the normal stuff. What do I want, what do I need, who am I???? But I'm trying to carpe diem (which Kris Jenner didn't know what it meant in the last episode of the Kardashians...) and just go with that flow people are talking about. It's going okay. I'll keep you posted on my progress.


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