One week one post

Let's wrap up a week in a post!

A week ago, when I was walking over to La Esquina to meet up with a certain dark haired boy for dinner this other blonde one called me from Stockholm where the sun was on its way up and he was on his way home to our parents apartment at 5am after a night out. In only two weeks I'm in Sweden partying it up with him till sunrise and in a month he's coming to New York for a whole week!

Saturday was too hot for anyone to function so after having brunch in the shade, we decided to go to the movies to cool down. Since Neon Demon was sold out I got to decide and unfortunately (cough) there were only Finding Dory or The Secret Lives of Pets showing. Finding Dory it was and it was amazing. Obvi. Then we went home and had Shandy's on the fire escape and forgot about time. I rushed home to get ready for Colby's birthday celebration that took place at Enid's in Greenpoint.

On Sunday I went to Cafe Henrie on Lower East Side to have coffee with Stina who's a friend of my old friend Sara. She just moved to New York and Sara thought the two of us should hang, so of course we did! I love how many new girls I've gotten to know lately. I love girls <3

After our coffee date I walked over to Reformation to try on dresses and jumpsuits for the wedding I'm going to when I go home in a couple of weeks. I ended up getting this black jumpsuit that fits like a glove. Will wear it with a pair of heels that kills my feet, red lips and hair pulled back in a slick low pony. WOWZA. 

On Monday I (once again) got caught in the rain on my way home from work. Dumbo was flooded and I managed to escape right before all the delays kicked in on the subway. And by the time I went out for a run it was this beautiful. What is up with the pink skies in this city? Someone told me that it's because of all the pollution. Is that true? 

And this is how I run around the apartment and wish I could go to work. It's too fucking hot to put on a bra/t-shirt/pants/clothes in general. But after all, I don't know how much the guy who's editing our latest commercials wants to see my side boob (probably very much though) so I put on a dress.

On Wednesday I went to Bushwick after work to meet up with Nicole and Ingrid. We had a falafel at Queen of Falafel (it was delicious) before going to Drink & Draw which is an event where you pay 10 bucks for unlimited beer and you sketch naked people. I'm the worst illustrator/painter on this planet, but it was actually kind of fun! When I'd have enough of drawing a naked woman I walked one block up the street to fall asleep next to a naked man instead.

Yesterday I went to a viewing (I have to move out end of the month) and it was so nice! Hopefully I can move in. Fingers crossed. After the viewing I went home, went to the gym and then we ordered pad thai's and watched Stranger Things. How good?! It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be! Maybe it will get scarier though. 

And today it's Friday! Hope you'll have a great weekend <3 Puss!


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