Bday wishlist

You guys, in exactly two weeks it's my 24th birthday! You know how much I love birthdays. But this year I don't think I want to do anything because I have like 2 friends here. I'm kidding obviously but not really. But no matter if anyone will get me a gift or not, I can always wish for stuff, amirite? Here we go: wishlist 2016. 

When I'm going back to Sweden I'll be attending one of my oldest friends' wedding, so a dress for that would be very nice please and thank you. I'm thinking something red? I love the Mediterranean vibe on the one above. If anyone knows where to get anything similar - hit a girl up. 

This in black pls. I would seriously cry of happiness if I could hide in this all winter.

I want a pair of black, oversized dressy pants. To match with a chill blazer or a hoodie. 

I don't own a bikini. I just have a onesie right now, so something like the one above is not only something I want, but need. Okay?

A pair of black hightop classic Converse's. To go with the black pants two pics above.

Cotton underwear. I love these ribbed ones. 

But mostly I wish for a day off at the beach, eating ice cream and getting kisses on my back while I doze off in the sun. And maybe dinner at Lucien because when it's your birthday you should eat lobster pasta and theirs is the best.