Hola chicas y chicos! Hope you're well and all that. As you can see I decided to give my site a little facelift. Let me know if there are any weird things going on, foremost if the text is annoying to read etc. Just holler in the comments and I'll make sure it's gone before u know it.

(UPDATE: When I double checked on bloglovin it was white around the light grey canvas and the body text appeared in white too. It's all supposed to be black and light grey so if you read via bloglovin I'd love it if you could just drop a comment if it looks the same for you? Or if it's just my browser that's fucking up. Please and thank you <3)

I woke this morning super tired and didn't want to go to work and I was so annoyed by the fact that it's just Tuesday. But then I realized it's Wednesday! Ah the joy of having a Monday off. You jumpstart the week and before you have time to blink it's Friday. 

And then my brother facetimed me from the beach in Southern Spain and reminded me of how much it sucks to be in an office that slowly freezes me to death. 

Here's to all of you working through the heat wave! <3

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