The weekend that rained away

Hey babies! It's Monday. Again. I feel like the weeks are just rolling on in fast motion and there's no stop to it. This weekend was nice and chill though. I went out with Ingrid and Nicole on Friday for beers at Burnside and prosecco at Black Flamingo. Of course I fell down the one step we one second before had called out as "the typical trip-step" because I have no grace. Luckily I saved myself from a reputation of being Bambi on ice with my killer dance moves for an hour or two of mellow techno tunes. I ended the night meeting up with a drunk cuddly boy, eating bodega sandwiches in my bed and falling asleep two seconds in on the third Stranger Things episode. Woke up when it was like one second left and made some comment that was totally off trying to make it seem as if I'd been awake all along. It didn't work. 

On Saturday we were supposed to go to an exhibition at Pace Gallery, but when we got there all galleries on the street seemed to be closed, because apparently art-people need summer vacation??? What??? The sky broke into a heavy rain, leaving us two Brooklyn residents stranded in Chelsea with no idea what to do or where to go. As we were desperately Yelping restaurants and bars Nico's old co-worker appeared as an angel from above recommending (a pretty shit, but whatever) pub around the corner where we could have a drink and wait for it to stop. An hour or so and two beers later it was still pouring, but we decided to make our way to the subway and head home. As the rain hit against my big windows we watched another episode and made out till it got dark.

There's something very calming about summer rain, when it pours down but stays damn hot out. When it calmed down a little bit, we hid under one umbrella and went out to get some ice cream from Uncle Louis G's. The hood was quiet and empty for being a Saturday night but I guess everyone were hiding from the weather. After finishing our ice cream we walked over to Daddy's, a bar that's supposed to serve hotdogs and play good music, but there were no hotdogs and I can't remember what music they were playing. But that doesn't matter because my company is ace and he kept me distracted from whatever was streaming out from the speakers and ordered me drinks that had me forget about food. Sipping on our frozen rum and cokes we talked about everything from what a dream job it'd be to design sport team logos to which Brit's we'd bone if we could (Christian Bale) to how we want to go to Paris asap. When our stomachs were growling for food we got some Thai on our way home and after inhaling my fried rice I once again fell asleep as soon as we put on a movie. But I mean, when you've got an arm right there to fall asleep on, how could you not?

On Sunday I met up with Ingrid and we ran around town, trying on sneakers and matching suits and eating pancakes at Café Select. In the afternoon I went to the gym, cleaned and organized my closet, changed my sheets and did a face mask. Adult points to me, danke! And then I went for dinner in Bushwick and as the thunder rolled in for the fourth day in a row I jumped on the train home and fell asleep to the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. On that note, can we talk about how cute Kanye is with his kids? I love how the show works as a peep hole into his real personality, letting us look past his douche lord-y famous persona.

Anyway. That was my weekend! I'll talk to you soon. Puss <3

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