Jenny and Diego

On Friday morning I landed in Stockholm and got picked up by my dad at the airport. We went home to my parents apartment and Lisa and Kris came over right away. We had breakfast and chatted like usual, which always feels great when you live far away and sometimes think they might forget about you. After finishing a few cups of coffee we went into the city to hit up a few stores and drink some very expensive tea. Later I met up with Frida and Ludde for a beer and after finishing it I felt like I was about to die in the remains of my German lager. So I went home. After being (in my opinion) a fucking trooper, staying awake till 9pm which meant I had been up for 32 hours, I slept for 13 and woke up fresh as a flower on Saturday.

I spent the morning doing things I never do; hair mask, paint my nails with base, color and top coat, matching my underwear for the feeling of being put together and spending more than 1 minute on makeup. And look how it paid off! Felt like a damn star. Should start consider doing this more often (I'm in my dad's sweatpants, a dirty hoodie and greasy hair typing this) to turn some heads. Anyway, the reason for me looking this good is because my parents god daughter Jenny was getting married to her Diego. 

Wearing Reformation jumpsuit and & Other Stories heels.

Before heading to the ceremony I finally got to reunite with this one! My little brother Jesper went straight from Way Out West in Gothenburg to the wedding basically after having slept 2 hours the night before. 

We were stoked to see Jenny and Diego tie the knot. And everything was so freaking beautiful and emotional. I cried like a baby during the whole ceremony which wasn't great because I was singing. It went okay though, I think. 

We kissed and hugged and drank champagne for a long while after the ceremony, before the dinner. A whole bunch of family of Diego had flown in from Chile and we tried to communicate as much as possible when I speak no Spanish and they no English. But I managed to turn to my school Spanish to exchange a few sentences at least. 

And then we danced and downed pisco sours for many hours till I could barely stand up from jetlag (and maybe that last pisco.....). Amazing wedding. Amazing couple. LOVE IS RAD! <3

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