Slowing it down

The last three weeks have been intense and fast paced. Too fast paced. First going home to Sweden, then a bunch of visitors in town and in the meantime moving apartments and keeping up with work. While it’s all good things going on it does get a bit exhausting after awhile and I’m never good in those situations. I turn into a fragile, emotional glass doll who breaks if you put me down carelessly.

After work yesterday I had to meet up with my mom quick and then go home to pack up all my stuff. While I was waiting for the J-train that took forever like always and I swear my skin was melting on the platform I turned into the little baby I truly am and just wanted to cry in someones arms. I was so tired. I know I sound like an annoying brat, but so be it. I went home, literally tossed everything I own into my bags and couldn’t even bother to fold it properly which says more about my emotional state than anything else. When I was semi-done packing I couldn’t take it anymore so I escaped my mess of apartment and went to Bushwick to have a late night dinner with he who always gets me in a good mood. We had ricotta toasts and merguez sausages and talked about dream projects at Montana’s before grabbing an ice cream on our way home. Crazy how something as simple as walking a few blocks back to the apartment with my hand in his can slow it all down. An hour or so later I fell asleep with his arms around me and when the alarm rang this morning we snoozed for an hour because why be at the office early when you can twist your legs together and fall back asleep?


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