It's me. Currently I'm getting a tiny bit stoned from my roommates weed fumes that is filling up my apartment. Which isn't great when you were planning on finishing up some work. Anyway. I know it's very quiet in here and I don't really have an excuse. Another week has passed and I've spent it like any other week. I've worked a lot, spent time with friends drinking beer eating dinner, almost kind of sort of found an apartment with two other Swedish girls that I hope to sign a lease on this week, been to the Brooklyn Museum, gotten drunk in a backyard followed by a romantic dinner at McDonalds, finished Stranger Things etc. You know, life. It spins on so fast I forget to pause once in a while and take a look around. But on Thursday I go to Stockholm for a week and it couldn't have been better timing. I feel a bit tired. Can't wait for my moms food, seeing my friends, go to Weekday and get new basics for fall, stay out till the sun goes up, hang out with my cousins and just being home for a few days. I think it's exactly what I need.

Hopefully with some new energy this blog will become a more fun place to hang out on too. In the meantime, why don't you tell me what you want to see more of on here? Or less of for that matter. You are what makes this a place one where I want to hang out. Because you know, I kind of like you. 

Hope you're happy and that the late summer is treating you well. I'm going to watch some Friends now and go to sleep early. Work will have to wait till tomorrow.

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