Blonde + some other things

Whatsuppp? I'm very tired and I feel like I'm coming down with a cold. I spent the weekend dancing and drinking and making out, so that was great. But unfortunately Mondays always suck no matter what.

But to celebrate that it is over in just a few hours, I thought I'd share some things I like right now.

Frank Ocean's new album. A little late on the ball here, I know. I hadn't really listened to it till now, but damn. Especially this part in Nikes:

I may be younger, but I'll look after you
When you're not here, I'll save some for you
I'm not him, but I'll mean something to you
I'll mean something to you
I'll mean something to you
You've got a roommate, he'll hear what we do
It's only awkward if you're fucking him too

I mean... Come on <3

And while we're talking music, this is the playlist I'm collecting treasures in at the moment.

I've been eying this work shirt from Richardson since like May. But ya know, it's 300 dollars so that won't happen anytime soon. But if I magically find a few hundred bucks on the street I'd match it with my blue Levi's, converse and my new silver earrings. 

And! Lat night I re-watched one of my favorite movies - Short Term 12. I've probably already written about it here way back but if you haven't watched it, quickly open a new tab pop onto Netflix and do it. It's fantastic. 

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