A long weekend

Not last weekend, but the one before I was off for four days. The week had been long and stressful and depressing and I was feeling like complete shit as you might remember. So I thought I was worth taking Friday off. 

And I went here. To Rockaway Beach. Complete fucking bliss you guys. I can't even remember the last time I was on a beach?

Nicole, Sara, Astrid and I got tipsy around lunch time, dozed off in the sun, checked out some lifeguard babes and swam in the ocean. 

Stayed until the sun went down and the clouds rolled in. 

And went back to mine and had prosseco on the roof. Then I felt like I could've died from exhaustion and I kind of did. 

And on the Saturday I had coffee and breakfast in my bed, unpacked and was proud of my wall so captured it accompanied by my side boob.

This is my roommate Nora! One of them. She's sweet as pie and we smoke cigarettes on our fire escape from time to time. We spent the whole day assembling our table and chairs and shelves and what not and drank sangria from midday. As one should.


And as the sun went down we hung out on the roof Nora, Stina and I. Then some people came and some more and it was crowded and I got drunk and tired and sad and I don't know what was going on. I was unstable, you guys. Felt lonely and not good enough. And then I forgot my credit card in the cab. Feeling sorry for me yet? No? Okay. 

I can't even remember what I did Sunday. I was hungover and whatever I guess. But on Monday, which was Labor Day and day off, I went to Bed Stuy to have brunch at Nicole's. She lives in a dream apartment as you can see.

She watered the plants as I sipped on coffee and watched her. 

And then we walked around half of Brooklyn, had lunch at Milk in Prospect Heights and hung out in Prospect Park. I was matching my lemonade and Nicole read me articles on Hasidic Jew's sex life (that they would have sex with a sheet and a hole in it is a myth just FYI). 

And that was that long weekend. Now it's sooooooo looooooong till the next one. I'm gonna have to take another PTO some Friday because long weekends is the way to live. 


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