The New Me

This is not a style post, but I wanted to decorate it with something pretty so here you go. My inspiration for the time being: French, beige, sheep fur, accents of red, dreamy dresses.  

So, as for the new categories on the side (you'll find them by clicking the hamburger menu) you'll find that I've changed them up a little bit. I want to structure it for myself so that I'll write more curated pieces. 

The diary section is where you'll find all my daily thoughts and what not. Short updates on what I've been up to etc.

The writing section is for my longer pieces and what I want to write more of. Hopefully there will be a whole lotta action in here in the year to come.

In the style section I'll post more stuff regarding my style and what I'm wearing. Expect no "outfit of the day" posts, but ya know... Whatever, we'll see what it'll end up as. Probably just selfies.

The travel section is for... traveling! Can you believe it? I actually have a bunch of trips planned this spring (Stockholm for a new visa, Paris with Mayan, Jakob and Louis and Spain with the fam) so it feels nice to collect them all under one category.

And then we have the dump section: misc. Basically everything I don't know where to place. 

And btw, you can easily pin any photo now! Sorry that I haven't had that before. I was a dumb-dumb and didn't enable it until yesterday. So go ahead and let me inspire you, my angel babies.

I hope this will make it easier for you to find the stuff you want to read! And please let me know if there's anything you're wondering about or something that's bothering you with this new layout. 

Otherwise - PEACE!