New York in the snow

Dear whoever,

     I've just finished my morning coffee in bed. Watched 3 episodes of Parks & Recreation while letting the caffeine do its job against the slight hangover from last night. I spent it with a new friend, Matilda. We met up in the snow and ended up at Pearls for a beer. Jack was working, so obviously that one beer turned into... 5? 6? It was nice to sit inside in the warmth, windows all steamed up from the temperature difference, Lou Reed's Romeo Had Juliette in the background.
     We smoked a cigarette, Jack and I, and talked about the snow. How the city turn quiet under the blanket of white fluff. It's funny to me how we turn into kids every time the snow falls. As if we've never seen it before in our lives. Taking photos of it and letting it take up 78 per cent of all our conversations. He has a lot of good things to say about snow, Jack. A lot of good things to say over all. It's too bad he's a million miles away.
     My room is very cold right now. My nose tip is freezing and my fingers dance over the keyboard slower than usual, all stiff. It's warm under the duvet though, so maybe I'll never leave. But the sun is shining and I have a new pair of sunglasses. The snow looks beautiful in the sun, so I should probably leave.
     I feel optimistic about the week to come. Not very common for a Sunday.
     It's a good day.


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