On Wednesday I went to the US Embassy as the last step of this never ending visa-trip I'm on. Having been there a hundred times before, I stood in line looking around me on all the nervous applicants. Like cattle we wait for the security dude to call us up to the window in front which we take our jackets off, show the soles of our shoes and smile creepily thinking it might help us getting a green light.

I had everything in place and was already approved for my visa. All I needed was a little stamp from the Officer at the Embassy and then I could go home. No biggie. And then it all kind of paused. "I can't approve your visa today." Without any information more than a couple of words scribbled down on a piece of paper he sent me away while keeping my passport. I have no idea what's going on more than that it could take a couple of days or as long as two months for me to get the approval.

Sure, I'm a drama queen and calling this a problem might be extremely egoistic and privileged, but all I want is to go home. I've got a trip planned, on which I've spent hundreds of dollars, that I might not be able to go on and I miss all my clothes. I just want to go home to my friends, to my apartment, to my work. I pray to all higher powers that it will happen sooner than I think because right now I constantly feel like punching someone and it's tiring and stressful and it's giving me acne.

Till then I will try to keep my spirits and hope up and try to not be a bitch towards my family and friends here who try to cheer me up as all I do is grunt and cry.

Talk soon.


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