Things I will do this spring.

  • Bring dinner upstairs to the roof and eat it in front of the Manhattan skyline with my roommates.
  • Run across Williamsburg Bridge and back.
  • Go to St Dymphnas after work and drink beer with Nicole, not having to put a jacket on when popping outside for a smoke.
  • Go to the Noguchi Museum in Queens.
  • Travel upstate to Woodstock as the trees turn green.
  • Hang out with my brother, his girlfriend and their friends as they come visit.
  • Take the subway to The Rockaways and chill till sunset.
  • Brunch outside! Every Saturday! Every Sunday!
  • Go to work in a t-shirt and not needing to bring a fucking sweater.
  • Lay down on a blanket in McCarren Park and not move all day.
  • Get a new tattoo.
  • Maybe go to a farmers market and like, enjoy the organic overpaid fruit.
  • Fresh raspberries in my yoghurt every morning y'all.

My new visa that I'm home to apply for, was accepted yesterday! See you in a week and a couple of days New York <3<3<3<3333 Feel like I've been away from a lover for way too long. 


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