While Waiting for Summer


     Summer is almost here. You can feel it in the smell of the air, in the taste of a beer in a bar with windows wide open, in the allergies in your eyes. I spend a lot of time working; projects at the agency, new_magazine and a bunch of other personal projects. It’s exciting, but after weeks of no real weekends I’m starting to crave for some time off everything. 
     Tomorrow Kristiina is coming to visit and I look forward to just spend the weekend chilling around town with her. As always when someone comes from home I get anxious and homesick. It’s a bittersweet thing, because all I want is for my family and friends to visit, but I also want them to stay away to keep me from getting reminded of them being so great and far away. But anyway, I will hug Kris till she can’t breathe and feed her with wine all weekend. Good times.
     What else is up? I’m emotionally unstable, but also very stable so it’s confusing yet very familiar. It’s weird. I’m just kind of embracing this emotional limbo I find myself in right now. Very excited for this slow ass summer to arrive and become my best me. You know, well slept, fed, with freckles all over my body. Only annoying thing to come is that damn humidity. But I actually like my humidity-hair, so there’s always that. 
     I look forward to treating this summer as if it’s a long vacation even though I’ll have none. Okay, lying. I’ll go home for a couple of days and maybe beach it up in Miami over a weekend. But you know, I won’t stress about having to get up for work. I’ll be out and forget about the fact that my alarm is set on 7.30am and I’ll live. it. up. Also, I want to run 10k before October. This doesn’t really go hand in hand with me entering party-mode (as if I was ever not in it) as the temperature rises, but I’ll do my best.
     Feeling optimistic. Feeling loved. Feeling a little frustrated. A good mix. 


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