A week in Southern Spain pt one


I arrived in the afternoon, after a bunch of delays. First things first, I ran up the stairs to the terrace where my brother and his girlfriend were drinking beer and playing cards waiting for me and my mom to make it back from the airport. The views from my parents rooftop is a mix of mountains and oceans peeking up between the white houses with laundry drying in the wind. Spanish being yelled and dogs barking in the distance.


Pastel sunsets by the ocean.


The food tastes better, the wine tastes better. The balconies are all decorated with flowers.


Went on a morning walk and found this man taking it all in.


And then had breakfast here.


Being by the Mediterranean makes me nostalgic, having spent almost every summer somewhere along the coasts of Spain. Here is my little mermaid cousin, Hanna.


Staying true to character the night we had a BBQ on our roof and my dad finally made it from France where he'd biked a race in the mountains. We stayed up late, finishing bottles of wine and listening to the buzz from the restaurant next door. 

More soon.


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