In the cafeteria

I used to dream about being dead. I’d watch you break down as you got the news. Beating yourself up for treating me poorly. Maybe scream a little and cry a lot. I obviously didn’t want to die, I just wanted you to think of me. Miss me. And dying felt like the only way to get that reaction from you.

This was before. Before I forgot. How fun we were together. How I walked out of the apartment after sleeping with you for the first time and having to take my sweater off, in March. Summer started between us, way before outside dinners and green trees. Our patterns sounded like poetry to me as I read them, finding calm in between our nights. And when you left I found I couldn’t read any more. Like a child I stuttered, fell on every letter.

We never had a beginning. Starting out halfway through the race because who needs a start when it’s this easy. Silly us didn’t realize that you always start, no matter where you start. And as we walked down Allen Street I got that empty feeling only the city can give you. I would’ve liked you to put your arm around my shoulders. But they froze naked in the 34 degree heat. We turned corners and there was supposed to be more, there should always be more.

Then that was it and I dreamed about being dead. But hold on, I told myself as I walked home one night and the trees were naked and the wind was cold for the first time. Things take time. Hold on. And just like they say time works, I recovered. I forgot and the wind became warm again.

A long time later I was sitting unprepared in a restaurant. Don’t turn around my friend said so I turned around. And there you were. A real person and everything. It shocked me. Years of not seeing you, talking to you, hiding from you on the subway had turned you into this thing I once knew. Something I had made up. I wonder if that is recovering, or if recovering just turns into another way of living? We never become the same after having a lover break us. Our heads just learn to live broken. And as I turned back around to my friends, without having waved or said hello, my body shut down. I walked out of there, quickly and irrationally, I ignored my head saying I was, indeed, acting like a thirteen year old in the school cafeteria.

Because love, I realised,
is something your body memorizes.
Even when your head forgets.

Summer eighteen

Wow. Haven’t been in here in a long while. Not sure why, but I guess this spring and summer just ran over me and had me floored by the heat and the sun and the time spent outside. Since I haven’t spent a summer in Sweden for like 6 years, it was a warm (literally, fucking hot) welcome back with 30+ degrees everyday, light workload, lots of friends who’ve been just as thirsty for rosé as I, midnight dips in the ocean, picnics in parks under the trees to hide from the sun. Wonderful.

I thought it was time for an update, as it feels kind of weird to just post something random and not have you vibing with me. So, here is a written and visual update of my summer eighteen.


I went back to New York in June. Whirlwind. I’ll tell you more in a specific post, but you know, I’ll always be deeply moved by that city. I know it sounds so cheesy, but it’s true. I literally got tears in my eyes the first night when we walked up Bowery to get something to eat. Just from hearing cabs honk and smelling that lovely garbage-NYC-summer-smell. Yum. Being there, there was just so much coming back to me. I realized I I went through a shit-ton living there, and it got a little overwhelming as I went back to places that have meant a lot for me. But as I said, I’ll give you the deets later.


After having celebrated midsummer, worked for a few weeks and turned 26, I traveled to Budapest, Hungary. Fell completely in love. What a city. Beautiful buildings, nice people, delicious food and everything cheap as peanuts. Definitely going back, but maybe when it’s a bit cooler and you can enjoy the baths and everything that they’re so famous for. We sweate our asses off in the heat, but cooled down with Aperol Spritzes as soon as we got the chance. I went there with my friend Lisa, those of you who’ve followed me for a long while know her, who lives in Copenhagen and who I don’t see enough. So getting to spend three days with her; falling asleep mid convo, getting drunk on cheap (but delicious) wine and just talk through every tiny corner of our lives, was so healing. Love you Lizzy Bear! <3


From there I went straight to my parents in Spain. Spending long days at the beach, eating grilled fish and drinking cold white wine for lunch. Going along the coast on their moped, making our way all the way up the hills and breathing in the sea and the sky. Spending the nights in rowdy seafood restaurants and falling into bed, sleeping like a baby every single night. I can’t remember last time I spent a whole week with my parents, without my brother. It was nice. Letting them take care of me, feed me, hug me as if I was their little dog. Speaking of dogs, our neighbour down there got a new little puppy, Mochi, who I got overly attached to and am planning on stealing the next time I go. He fell in love with me too, so it’s all cool.

And then I boarded a plane again, flying over the Alps back up north. And even though I went right back to work, summer didn’t end. The nights were still long and hot and humid, the water in the sea was still body temperature and the work was still a breeze. This week is the first of me wearing jeans since early May. The air was crisp this morning and I felt the very familiar feeling of bittersweetness coming over me. Can’t wait to not wear shorts, but also don’t want to freeze while waiting for the bus. Is it really over now?

Sandra Diola

My biggest Instagram crush right now is Sandra Diola. Her clean, yet colorful aesthetics speak to me in the sincerest ways. I love her often unmade makeup look paired with great pieces of clothing that speaks for themselves. She’s worth a follow. And a quick read further down.


What are three things you want people to know about you?
I recently moved to NYC to follow my dreams like everyone else, I need the sun and I'm easily moved by the littlest things.

If you could buy anything in the whole world right now, what would it be?
A ticket home to visit my family in Florida. I was in London for work for two months so I've been so homesick. Also, a point and shoot film camera.

You have a free Saturday, sun is shining. What do you do?
Open all the windows, take it slow.

How would you describe your style?
Easy and loose, with bits of nostalgia.

What do you find inspiring on social media?
How it can enable activism in people and the youth especially. People's vulnerability and their quiet moments. 


Dakota Butler

I dare you to find a better mashup of classy and sexy than Dakota Butler. The New Yorker rules a simple, yet exciting style that has me totally captivated. So happy she agreed to answer some questions for this!


What are three things you want people to know about you?
Nothing! Just kidding. I can’t think of anything but random facts so let’s say my number one passion is food, I always take photos of cute dogs I see and send them to my boyfriend, and my biggest food craving is mint ice cream. 

If you could buy anything in the world right now, what would it be?
Probably a plane ticket to Italy. I’ve always wanted to go and if I could just buy a plane ticket I’d stay forever.

Who do you find inspiring on social media?
I only have Instagram so people that use Instagram to make something beautiful are inspiring to me. It’s so trendy right now for things to be ugly, like fashion is ugly right now but I respect anyone that still thinks fashion and clothes should be beautiful, so they create something beautiful/curate a beautiful Instagram. It doesn’t have to be just an Instagram geared toward fashion though I enjoy the IG’s that are just filled with wonderfully shot photos. 

What’s your favorite place in NYC and why?
Aside from the obvious (my bed), Lucien, this French restaurant in the east village. For me atmosphere is almost more important than food when it comes to dining out. Lucien is a hot spot for New York’s “coolest” but it never feels like it. Everyone is there to have a good time, the atmosphere is bustling, the drinks are strong and the food is delicious. Also bonus points for the best espresso martini in town.

Who is someone you look up to?
My parents. They’re very hard working people. I think they were wonderful parents and hope I will be able to do what they did for me for my kids (if I have any).


Zoe Ruffner

Writer at and owner of two cats who look like elegant old ladies from the Upper East Side. That is Zoe Ruffner. With an instagram feed filled with colors and tiny purses and, well yeah, cats, she's one of my the New Yorkers I follow to still my urge to move back. Check her out!


What are three things you want people to know about you?
I’m a born and bred New Yorker (but happiest at the beach), a writer at Vogue, and a Leo.

If you could buy anything in the world right now, what would it be?
Anything from Phoebe Philo’s last collection for Céline. And plane tickets! Lamu, Rome, Vienna, Oaxaca, Lisbon, Thailand... I could go on and on.

What is success to you?
Being proud of what you’ve accomplished.

What do you prefer to read?
Joan Didion and Jeffrey Eugenides are my favorite authors, and I just bought a book of Mary Oliver’s poems, which I love, love, love. And I always have a New Yorker with me for the moments I find myself with nothing to do.

How would you spend a perfect Saturday evening?
Dinner with friends at my apartment in Brooklyn Heights: Pasta, wine, and my two crazy cats…


Olivia McIntyre

I feel like Norwegians are having a bit of a hype right now? Is it because of Skam or...? Not that I care why, it's just funny to me how I used to look to a lot of Danes for style inspiration and now I tend to look more towards Norway and its bunch of stylish women. The more scaled down aesthetic is something I relate to and Olivia McIntyre is no exception.


What are three things you want people to know about you?
My instagram is not an accurate representation of me as a person nor of my life. I’ve kept a journal for around 7 years now and I would recommend it to everyone, it’s a truly amazing way of preserving your past selves and organizing your thoughts. I strongly believe in the power of empathy and constantly learning and relearning.

If you could buy anything in the entire world right now, what would it be?
Probably an apartment here in Oslo and some around the world, and a few more for those I care about.

What do you find inspiring online?
Strong voices that use their platforms to advocate for social issues, and also seeing people finding their people who they might never have met and from there seeing communities and movements arise.

What does an ideal day look like to you?
I don’t think I have an ideal day because it depends on what mood i’m in and my mood fluctuates a lot. From experience I’ve learnt that when I don’t have expectations for the day those days usually turn out pretty good. But good food, nature and friends usually does the trick.

Who should we all follow on Instagram?
Okay, off the top of my head: For enlightenment and inspiration @roscoeramone and @shishi.rose, @princessnokia @dounia @naomishimada (beacons of light). For visual pleasure and calmness @kajadons @noralandsroed @leastuedahl @helenlevi @yasminemei @fjura_ @kelseylu69

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Content, resourceful, fun, loving and loved! A career comes second, but hopefully I’ll find work that helps me on the way to those adjectives.


Michelle Salem

Michelle Salem is like a character from a movie. Or at least that’s what I feel when I scroll through her Instagram. Her style is the perfect mix of proper co-ords and sexy little tops and dresses, like Cher in Clueless if you were to turn up the heat. But as Brand Manager of Opening Ceremony (one of my favorite stores to visit in NYC) there’s no surprise the girl got style. Scroll, enjoy and save to inspo-folder.

What are three things you want people to know about you?
I'm a Scorpio, a thrift enthusiast, and I love to cook.

If you could buy anything in the world right now, what would it be?
A really great apartment in NYC. I'm happy with my current living situation, but renting is nice - owning is better!

What do you do and what is the best part of your job?
I'm the Brand Manager at Opening Ceremony. It's hard to pick just one thing, but I'd say one of the amazing parts of my job is that it changes from day to day. Today I might be casting an editorial, tomorrow I might be producing an event. It's never boring.

Which song do you want to be the last one you’ll ever hear?
Michinant by Bon Iver because it's peaceful, and I think I'd enjoy hearing it just as much when I'm 99 years old as I do today.

You have one night in New York, what do you do? Where do you go?
I feel so lucky to live in New York, and my favorite nights always involve dinner and drinks with friends. At the moment, my ideal scenario would be dinner at Domodomo, followed by a cocktail at Donna. At the end of the night, I'd curl up in another one of my favorite spots, my bed.



A pretty long while ago I posted a New York guide to all my favorite places in the city. This was back in 2015 when I lived in Chinatown, dated a man who was an emotional fuckup and still thought Union Pool was a fun place to hang out at. Almost three years later I can see clearly. I’ve moved from the city, I am not attached to any man and I haven’t been to Union Pool since February 2016 (if you don’t count halloween last year when I was drunk off my face and it was the closest place to get a burrito at). Anyway - you’ve probably figured already - but there’s a new guide coming at ya! I’m going back to New York for a week in June and being a *planner* I started to write up all the places I want to eat at when I go. The list was way (waaaay) longer than six brunches, lunches and dinners, so I thought I’ll share it with you instead. Plus my fave bars and stores and places to get coffee. 

Bookmark it, print it, do whatever you want with it. Just go to New York!



The most important comes first. I present to you: my favorite bars in the city and Brooklyn. Most of these are places you can hang out all night at, while some are more “let’s go for one drink” kind of places. I’ve had fun at ALL of these though and that’s what matters. To be honest, all a bar needs to be good is cheap beer, good music and a nice bartender who’ll borrow you his/hers phone charger. And luckily many bars in NYC check those boxes.

  At St Dymphnas one night in April 2017

At St Dymphnas one night in April 2017

East Village

St Dymphna’s
8th Street, between 1 Ave and Ave A
My favorite bar in New York. It’s just a regular dive bar, but the music is always great, people are nice and it’s not unusual that it gets a little rowdy around midnight.

Corner of Ave A and 7th Street
This place is fun to dance at.

  Outside Bibi's.

Outside Bibi's.

4th Street between Ave A and B
Happy hour prosecco till 7pm.

5th Street, between Ave A and B
Dive bar classic with cheap beer, bad ass bartender and pool table. 

6th Street, between Ave A and Ave B
Exactly the same as Sophie's. I never know which is which.

Lower East Side/Chinatown

Flower Shop
Eldridge Street, between Broome Street and Grand Street
Usually very crowded, but fun.

Bar Belly
Orchard Street, corner of Canal Street
Delicious cocktails!

Essex Street, between Hester and Canal
Small space where it’s almost always fun to dance.

Division Street, between Ludlow and Orchard
The perfect place to grab a beer when you think it’s too early.

  Halloween 2016 at China Chalet, living my best life.

Halloween 2016 at China Chalet, living my best life.

China Chalet
Broadway, between Morris and Rector Street
If you want to party. A Chinese restaurant that turns into club.  

Public Hotel
Chrystie Street between Houston and Stanton
A fancy hotel rooftop bar with amazing view.


  Aperol Spritzing and sweating at Jimmy with my mom and brother in September 2016.

Aperol Spritzing and sweating at Jimmy with my mom and brother in September 2016.

Jimmy at the James
Grand Street, corner of Thompson Street
Rooftop bar at the James Hotel. Awful crowd but nice view and good if you wanna feel fancy.

The Blonde
Corner of Howard and Lafayette Street
Fun bar, very dance compatible.

Spring Street, corner of Elizabeth St
Best spot in Nolita to watch people and drink rosé.

Mothers Ruin
Spring Street, between Bowery and Elizabeth St.
Nice spot for a beer in the middle of it all.

Ear Inn
Spring Street, between Greenwich and Washington St
Okay, so this is basically Tribeca/Chelsea. But it’s worth the walk. Is said to be NYC’s oldest bar.


  Matilda, Nicole, some guy whose name I can't remember, Jack and I at Dardy.

Matilda, Nicole, some guy whose name I can't remember, Jack and I at Dardy.

Dardy Bar
S 1st Street between Havemeyer and Roebling
My second living room. Dive bar, loud, dirty, crowded, cheap and fun.

  Emma at Have &amp; Meyer in June 2016.

Emma at Have & Meyer in June 2016.

Have and Meyer
Havemeyer Street between Grand and Hope
Cozy wine bar.

  Having the roof all to myself at Night of Joy last summer.

Having the roof all to myself at Night of Joy last summer.

Night of Joy
Corner of Roebling St and Meeker Ave
Cheap frozen margs, nice roof terrace.

  Nicole at Colette.

Nicole at Colette.

Café Colette
N 9th Street corner of Berry Street
Cosy spot with good cocktails (and food).

The Commodore
Metropolitan Ave corner of Havemeyer Street
Nice dive bar. Once shared a plate of tacos with Aziz Ansari here which I'm not sure is something I should brag about these days?

Manhattan Ave, corner of Driggs Ave
Come here for happy hour in the afternoon or go dancing late.

Bushwick/Rest of BK

  Nicole being the best dad she can be at Pearls.

Nicole being the best dad she can be at Pearls.

Pearls Social and Billy Club (BK)
Corner of St Nicholas Ave and Starr Street
Cozy local spot. 

Troutman Street, between Wyckoff and Irving
Nice dive bar with a great frozen piña colada.

The Narrows
Flushing Ave, corner of Morgan
Great bar with nice bar food (the chicken fingers are yum).

  Cocktails at Weather Up.

Cocktails at Weather Up.

Weather Up
Vanderbilt Ave, between Dean St and Bergen St
Amazing cocktails. Drink them in the backyard.

Corner of Bogart and Moore St
People go for the pizza, which I’m not a fan of. So I just drink here.


I’ve had some of my best food experiences at these places. It’s easy to find cheap, good places to eat out at in New York which makes it so much more fun to do so! This list of restaurants is high and low. Google to make sure it matches your price point. Also - if you haven’t booked in advanced be ready to have to wait for at least an hour for a table. So always have a bar in mind to hang out in while waiting.

East Village

Momofuku Noodle Bar
1st Ave between 10th and 11th Street
Hyped ramen. Book in advance.

  My 25th birthday dinner at Gemma's.

My 25th birthday dinner at Gemma's.

Bowery, corner of E 3rd Street
Italian spot in the same building as Bowery Hotel.

Pardon My French
Ave C, corner of E 7th Street
Cozy French place.

Cafe Mogador
East 8th Street, between 1st Ave and Ave A
Always crowded around brunch (for a reason). Sat next to Chloé Sevigny here once and couldn’t finish my food.

Miss Lily’s
Corner of 7th Street and Ave A (across from Niagara)
Caribbean spot with good brunch and cocktails.

Corner of 1st Ave and 1st Street
Two words: lobster pasta. Oh and their cocktails.

Lower East Side/Chinatown

  Nicole outside Kiki's on my last night in New York before moving back to Stockholm .

Nicole outside Kiki's on my last night in New York before moving back to Stockholm .

Corner of Division and Orchard Street
Greek food, hip place. Try the zucchini chips!!!

Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle
East Broadway between Allen and Essex
Best dumplings in the world. 3 bucks for 6 dumps. 

  Lunch at Spicy Village.

Lunch at Spicy Village.

Spicy Village
Forsyth Street, just above Hester Street
Cheap Chinese. The noodles are amazing. Perfect for lunch.

  Mr Taka Ramen-ramen. YUM.

Mr Taka Ramen-ramen. YUM.

Mr. Taka Ramen
Allen Street, between Stanton and Rivington Street
Best Ramen in NYC in my opinion.

Ivan Ramen
Clinton Street between Stanton and Houston
Close 2nd to Mr Taka.

Mission Chinese Food
East Broadway, between Rutgers Street and Jefferson Street
Amazing Chinese food. Kind of pricey but worth it.

Scarr’s Pizza
Orchard Street, between Canal and Hester
Great pizza slices. Order it with a cherry coke and sit in the back. Flirt with the skaters.

  One of many brunches at Dudley's.

One of many brunches at Dudley's.

Orchard Street, corner of Broome Street
Classic NYC brunch spot with avo toast and bellinis.

  Dill and vodka cocktails at Russ &amp; Daughters. Surprisingly delish.

Dill and vodka cocktails at Russ & Daughters. Surprisingly delish.

Russ & Daughters
Orchard Street, between Delancey and Rivington Street
My favorite brunch in the city. Jewish café with the perfect salmon bagels and latkes. Sat next to Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal here and had a nice conversation with Maggie’s three year old daughter.

Clinton St Baking Company
Clinton Street, corner of Houston
Supposed to be the best pancakes in the city, I don’t agree but if you wanna try…

Canal Street between Orchard and Ludlow
Trendy spot with great, healthy food.

Soho/West Village

Spring Street, corner of Crosby St
Fancy French place. Book in advance.

  A spring evening in Chinatown.

A spring evening in Chinatown.

La Esquina
Kenmare Street, corner of Lafayette
Classic Mexican spot. Can be a bit too crowded and loud, but if you’re into that kind of thing.

The Mercer Kitchen
Corner of Mercer and Prince
Restaurant of the Mercer Hotel. Fancy. Tasty. Dark.

Blue Ribbon Sushi
Sullivan Street between Spring and Prince
Absolutely divine sushi.

  Saigon Shack dinner.

Saigon Shack dinner.

Saigon Shack
Macdougal Street between Bleecker and W 3rd Street
Cheap Vietnamese spot that looks like nothing, but is crowded with NYU students for a reason.

  Living life to the fullest at Minetta Tavern.

Living life to the fullest at Minetta Tavern.

Minetta Tavern
Minetta Lane, corner of Macdougal Street
Best burger I’ve ever had.

  Bleecker Pizza on Bleecker and Morton.

Bleecker Pizza on Bleecker and Morton.

Bleecker Street Pizza
Corner of Bleecker and 7th Ave
My favorite pizza slice in the city. Hiked here from my apartment across the street during the snow storm in January 2016. They had one slice left when I got there. Fucking miracle.

Hakata Tonton
Grove Street, corner of 7th Ave
Lived in the same building as this place. Japanese heaven. Let them recommend some sake. Get drunk and eat as much as you can.

Spotted Pig
Corner of Greenwich and W 10th Street
“This is Kanye’s favorite place in the city. We HAVE to go.”- my dad

  Nicole and I sharing a smoke outside Bibi's having A LOT of fun.

Nicole and I sharing a smoke outside Bibi's having A LOT of fun.

Hudson Clearwater
Hudson Street, corner of Morton Street
Delicious food off great produce. If it’s nice out, sit in their backyard.

Two Hands Cafe
Mott Street, between Grand and Broome
Nice brunch spot.

The Butcher’s Daughter
Kenmare Street, corner of Elizabeth Street
You probably heard of this place already. Kind of overrated in my opinion, but still do a mean almond butter toast.

Jacks Wife Freda
Lafayette Street, corner of Spring Street
Delicious brunch plates, hip crowd, great name.

Grove Street, between Bedford and Bleecker
Great French place. The croque monsieur is amazing.


Union Ave corner of North 10th Street
Really really good Italian food. This spot is great. Went once and it was a 3 hour wait though, so go early and then head to Night of Joy or something close by to get tipsy before dinner.

Pates et Traditio
Corner of Havemeyer and N 6th Street
De-lic-ious crepes (get one savoury and one sweet).

S 1st Street between Havemeyer and Roebling
Happy hour cheese burgers!!!!

  Nicole and Matilda at La Superior.

Nicole and Matilda at La Superior.

La Superior
Berry Street corner of S 2nd Street
Cheap tacos, strong margaritas, good vibe.

Berry Street, corner of Broadway
Such good food made from seasonal produce.

  Hungover waiting for a table at Five Leaves with Sara.

Hungover waiting for a table at Five Leaves with Sara.

Five Leaves
Bedford Ave, corner of Lorimer St
Crowded, popular brunch spot. Their mushroom toast is SO good.

Bushwick/Rest of BK

Montana’s Trail House
Corner of Troutman Ave and Scott Ave
Good food, good cocktails, cozy vibe.

Los Hermanos
Starr Street, between Saint Nicholas Ave and Wyckoff Ave
Cheap tacos. Delicious tacos.

Bunna Café
Flushing Ave, corner of Knickerbocker
Ethiopian food, soooo good.

  Sanna outside King Noodle on the same night we surprised her with a goodbye party in her apartment.

Sanna outside King Noodle on the same night we surprised her with a goodbye party in her apartment.

King Noodle
Flushing Ave, corner of Knickerbocker
Great noodles. Fun and kitchy interior. Order a bucket (to share) and get drunk.

  Dinner at Saraghina.

Dinner at Saraghina.

Corner of Halsey St and Lewis Ave.
Cute Italian spot with great pasta and a greater backyard.


I love clothes. But I’m not made of money so I basically just shop at the chains or vintage. And the chains you’ll find even if you don’t want to. Just go to Broadway in Soho or 5th Ave at like 42nd street and work your way up toward the park. But anyway, here are some of my vintage go-to’s and some other gems that I make sure to check in at.

East Village

L Train Vintage/No Relation
1st Ave between 12th and 13th Street
Cheap vintage, Levis jeans for 5-10 bucks. Go through their t-shirts if you like wearing stupid jokes.

  Trying on denim at Metropolis.

Trying on denim at Metropolis.

Metropolis Vintage
3rd Ave corner of 10th Street
Band tees, denim, jackets. Kinda pricy in my opinion, but worth it if you find something good.

Still House
7th Street between Ave A and 1st Ave
Ceramics, jewelry. Very zen.

Lower East Side

Frankie Shop
Stanton Street, corner of Ludlow St
Cute RTW and accessories. Mixed brands.

Ludlow Street, between Rivington and Stanton St
Best dresses.

Only NYC
Stanton Street, between Clinton St and Attorney St
Skate brand with cool hoodies and t-shirts

Soho/West Village

  St Marks in the rain.

St Marks in the rain.

Elizabeth Street, between Prince and Houston St
Skincare brand that I'm guessing you've already know of.

Outdoor Voices
Lafayette Street, between Broome and Grand St
Workout wear.

Glossier Showroom
Lafayette Street, between Howard and Canal.
The physical store of Glossier. Totally buying into the hype around them. Their stuff is great.

Muji Pop Up
Broadway, corner of Howard Street
Love Muji. It has all the stuff you don’t really need, but will buy.

The Mask Bar
Howard Street, between Broadway and Crosby Street.
Buy all the sheet masks you can. You get like 50 for 10 bucks.

Opening Cermony
Howard Street, between Crosby and Broadway.
All your favorite brands in one place.


Awoke Vintage
N 5th Street, corner of Bedford
One of my favourite vintage stores. I always find something in here.

The Break
Corner of Dobbin St and Norman Ave.
When I first walked in here I thought it was going to be so expensive. But it isn't! Beautifully curated vintage to a fair price. Also, Hannah who runs it is a queen.

Beacon’s Closet
Corner of Bogart St and Varet St
Looks like hell cause there's just too much stuff. But if you have time, you'll def leave with something.


East Village

Mud Coffee
10th Street, between 2nd and 1st Ave

Lower East Side/Chinatown

  Nicole and I on a stroll in LES.

Nicole and I on a stroll in LES.

Football Café
Forsyth St, between Grand and Broome

The Living Room at Gem
Forsyth St, between Delancey and Broome


Ground Support
West Broadway, corner of Spring St


Roebling St, corner of Metropolitan Ave

Havemeyer, between S 4th and S 3rd

Blue Bottle Café
Berry Street, corner of N 4th St




DIA Beacon
The Whitney
The New Museum
Brooklyn Museum

Day trips

The Rockaways
Cold Spring



Lolita Cros

I found art curator Lolita Cros on Instagram a while back when, I think, she was tagged in one of Glossier’s Emily Weiss’ posts. From one scroll I got a feeling we could be really good friends. May sound creepy but I love when that happens and I honestly think it's really cool when someone expresses an energy that you can relate or tap into. Working with The Wing and Glossier (and others but I’m no artsy person so I don’t know what or who they are) you can fairly say she’s done well for herself. I’m very inspired by her and I think you’d be too.


What are three things you want people to know about you?
Passionate, hardworker and dog lover.

If you could buy anything in the world right now, what would it be?
A work on paper by Nydia Blas and a small Dike Blair painting

If you were a painting, what would it look like?
According to Google Art & Culture, it looks like a French man...

Where do you go for silence?
I meditate twice a day.

I’ve got one day to spend in New York, what should I get up to?
It really depends what shows are up and what the weather is like. If it's summer I say take the ferry to Red Hook and go to Pioneer Works, have a lobster roll at the Red Hook Lobster Pound, and have desert at the key lime pie place.

If it's winter I say go to brunch at Cafe Mogador, then The Met (check out Michelangelo and Hockney show if you're here now), walk around in the park and have a strudel at Cafe Sabarsky. And because every good day ends with a little dancing, go to The Blond (if it's Saturday) and listen to Charlie Klarsfeld DJ.


Alexa de la Cruz

A mother of a beautiful baby boy, queen of earthy colors and steering through life with grace and calm. I feel like I can say this about Alexa de la Cruz even though I’ve never met her. Scrolling through her Instagram is like my version of watching oddly satisfying videos on YouTube and I was very happy when she agreed on answering my little q&a. Turns out she's just as graceful and calm in her answers as she is in her visuals. Can't wait till I get to move to Mexico, have a baby and live in a house with white stone walls. Follow her for a bit more zen in your feed.


What are three things you want people to know about you?
I was born and currently live in Mexico City. I’m a mother to a beautiful baby boy. Rituals and slow mornings are part of my lifestyle.

If you could buy anything in the world right now, what would it be?
A farm next to the beach so I could harvest my own food.  

Where do you look for inspiration online?
My child and the act of making myself a cup of tea inspires me, the human condition and life itself. When you're easily inspired by small details life becomes more beautiful and nostalgic.

What is happiness to you?
Rain, while cooking dinner at home with my family. That means fresh sourdough, roasted vegetables, homemade pasta and a cup of our favorite wine. Alec´s singing in the background.  

When are you the most creative?
When surrounded by nature, ebb and flow.

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