Geneva White

I started following Geneva not too long ago, after seeing a photo of her on one of my favorite vintage accounts @courtyard_la I adore the way she dresses. It’s so simple, yet with so much class. It just looks clean, you know? I think I in some way aspire to dress like that, when everything just looks thought trough, but never boring. Ugh, Geneva you’ve got it figured. OUT.


What are three short facts about you that you want people to know?
I make a pretty mean pain au chocolat from scratch. In high school, I was on an all-boys soccer team because there was no girls team to play on. My childhood pet (a pug) was named after Ella Fitzgerald.

What’s your favorite food?
Any kind of freshly baked, warm bread with some variety of cheese; or dark chocolate (in all forms). 

When do you feel complete happiness?
Either having really good espresso alone at a favorite cafe or swimming in the ocean close to the equator. 

What do you do right before going to bed?
An overzealous skincare routine and a sort of catch-up with messages I've been ignoring throughout the day. 

If you could buy anything right now, what would it be?
The responsible side of me would say a well-designed home, but realistically I would invest in one of those new-concept "unlimited flying passes." I don't like being in one place for too long. 

What do you hate?
Condescension or bigotry of any kind and the sound of someone chewing with their mouth open. 

How much do you think about what you post on Instagram?
Probably not enough based on various warnings from school counselors and my parents on "the consequences/permanence of sharing on the internet."



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Full bra from Pansy.
Lucas Dress from Reforamtion.
Off shoulder blouse from Lisa Says Gah.
Lingerie set from Lisa Says Gah.
Plastic headbands from Ebay.


I do not get paid for linking to these products, I just really wish I could buy all this.