Viola Bergström

I don't really know Viola more than having been Insta-buddies with her for a while now, throwing likes and star emojis all over her content. Being a complete sucker for any Swede who dress in color (they are a rare breed), I find her Instagram as a breath of fresh air among all the black and white. She’s also great with makeup and skin care and all that stuff that everyone is obsessing so much about these days. You’d think her makeup has been done by a profesh but it’s not! If that’s not aspiring then what is?


What are three short facts about you that you want people to know?
I love to paint and I want to do it more. I’m 23 and have no idea what I want to do in the future so please stop asking me. And I have a wand-tattoo on my finger and a lightning bolt on my arm because I love Harry Potter.

If you could buy anything in the whole world right now, what would it be?
A flight ticket somewhere where there is a beach and Pina Coladas.

What are three products your face can't live without?
My face serum from Swiss Clinic. Glow oil from Lumene. Korean sheet masks.

What's the worst thing about working in fashion?
That people stress and obsess over things such as clothes. Sometimes I can go through hell only for an image of a sweater. It’s a weird business.

Do you still buy fashion magazines? If so, which ones?
When I travel I like to buy fashion magazines, the thicker more coffee table-ish ones. I buy DANSK, The Gentlewoman, British and French Vogue. I use them as a part of my decoration at home.

Who should we all go follow on Instagram right now?
@marahoffman An inspiring sustainable clothing brand that focuses on the celebration of women. Their storytelling aesthetics, diversity of women and beautiful clothes inspire me a lot and makes we wish it was summer.