Maria Huseby

As mommy of two bunnies (!!!), owner of the perfect minimalistic wardrobe and the personification of who I aspire to be (living close to water, growing long healthy hair and owner of a linen robe), Maria Huseby is someone to be inspired by. I just want to dive into her Instagram feed and live there. And I guess you will too.


What are three short facts about you that you want people to know? 
1. I am a very curious person and I easily get super excited about things. This combination does that I always have a lot of different projects going on. One year I took a beekeeper course, a ceramic course, a florist course, yoga lessons and dancing lessons within a very short timeline. 
2. I am above average fond of flowers and plants, and preferably it should be as many of them as possible. For a long time I wanted to become a flower farmer. Lately I have started to plant seeds from fruits and vegetables that hopefully will gradually grow into small mango-, pomegranate- and lemon trees. You should have seen our windowsills, haha, it’s a jungle in here. 
3. I have broken my arm three times. The last time was this summer, my boyfriend and I were trying to act like locals in Copenhagen and rented bikes on our way to a Devendra Banhart concert. Turns out I'm not that good at city cycling. 

If you could buy anything in the whole world right now, what would it be? 
Paloma Wool’s Lagos pants in ochre with the matching Cotta-jacket, or the Yvonne Rose-coat from Saks Potts. Or maybe a couple of beehives. 

What is stillness to you? 
Stillness to me is to be surrounded by the mountains and fjords in the small village where I grew up, Luster (Sognefjorden). It's unbelievable how quiet and peaceful it can be when you are that close to nature. Also, it is truly the most beautiful place on earth. 

Tell us about three core pieces in your closet. 
The most irreplaceable piece in my closet is without a doubt my all time favorite leather boots from the Barcelona-based brand called About Arianne. They have the same cold green color as eucalyptus and are really special to me. However, the piece I probably use the most is a beige linen robe. My boyfriend and I always compete for it in the morning and I am sure I could have lived a whole life in it. Other than that I use hairbands a lot and everything that is pink. 

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? 
Somewhere that is completely different from the surroundings I am used to in Norway. The Mid East really fascinates me, the old eastern bloc countries in Europe as well. 

What are the names of your bunnies? 
The black one is named Georg. When we adopted him his name was George, as in George Clooney, but that got way too fancy for us so we twisted the name just a little. The white one is called Saga, after the one and only Saga Norén. They are true heartbreakers. 



Get into Maria's simple look. Check this out.

Pia shoe from Paloma Wool
Julia pant from Maryam Nassir Zadeh
Doricati shirt from Paloma Wool
Kimono robe from Granit


I do not get paid from linking to these products, I just really wish I could buy it all.