Danielle Sabol

I started to follow Danielle Sabol, who's a talented photographer, because I felt as if I entered some old museum when I tapped myself into her Instagram account. It's just beautiful statues and gold and painted ceilings everywhere. And I feel like her style matches this perfectly? Beautiful coats and that reddish long hair. In my mind she could be living in some old French castle, eating croissants for breakfast and drinking wine on the big balcony in front of the massive garden.


What are three short facts about you which you want people to know?
I have six younger sisters. I've recently taken up studying + hunting mushrooms. I'm looking forward to aging and grey hair.

If you could buy anything in the world right now, what would it be?
Right now would throw my money at a Jeep Grand Waggoneer. I became a little obsessed with them when I was in Nantucket for a job this summer. 

Who are some of your biggest inspirations when it comes to photography?
Growing up with sisters has definitely shaped where I find inspiration and how I absorb it, so I would say they're my biggest influences. But I'm constantly inspired by Cass Bird and Alexandra Nataf.

Which word or phrase do you overuse?
Perfect. I probably say it a billion times on set. 

Where would you live if you couldn't live where you currently live?
My maternal family is from Germany and I travelled there for the first time this past May. I felt like my heart was at home. If opportunity allows I'm moving to straight to Berlin. 

What is something you'd never wear?
The MAGA hat.




For royal style, look this way.

Concha earrings from Beatrice Venezuela
The last lolita sunglasses from Le Specs
Black balloon sleeve belted blazer from The Frankie Shop
Carinale top from Staud Clothing


I do not get paid from linking this to these products, I just really wish I could buy it all.