My newly adapted skin care routine before flying

Hi from España! I’m hanging out with my parents, brother, brothers girlfriend, aunt + husband and cousins this week. A couple of years ago my parents bought the cutest townhouse in the coastal town of Nerja which is the most quaint little place right by the big blue and I'll be here till Sunday.

A few weeks back I read a “How to prep your skin before a flight”-article on Into The Gloss. This was very fascinating to me and nothing I’ve ever really thought about before. I’ve always just done my regular routine and if I got off the plane with a pimple or two, so be it. However, lately I’ve developed a severe addiction to skin care products and I spend more money on them than I’d like to admit. So since I have all these products to actually prep my skin before my flight, I thought, if I was so captivated by this article, maybe you’d like something like it too?

So on Friday, when I got ready for my flight, I kept a little diary throughout the day making sure I tracked all my little steps towards JFK and a 7 hour flight. Enjoy muchachos.

8.15 am

Hi! Just woke up to a sunny day. Hanging out my window by my fan which is my savior in times like these (summer, that is). I’m a little hungover which is a surprise because even though I had a glass of wine and two ciders, I was in bed by 11.30 last night. I’m guessing it’s the cigarettes, because I haven’t smoked much lately. Cutting down to stop completely by my 25th birthday (which is the 18th of July if you want to send me gifts) and it’s actually going much better than I’d expected. Anyway, my face is puffy and red and I still have traces of makeup on my skin. So I wash my face with Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser and follow up with spraying Eau Roma Water all over my face. It has rose and lavender in it which is good for puffyness and reddness.

Our bathroom cabinet. Mine is the over stacked top shelf.

Our bathroom cabinet. Mine is the over stacked top shelf.

8.30 am

I’m eating breakfast in bed watching Scandal. It’s my newest tv-show obsession and I’d marry Fitz in a second. Drinking coffee for an hour and get sad when I finish it. I try to keep to two cups a day, so I don’t want to take both in the morning.

9.45 am


It’s 33 degrees celsius out. My room is literally a sauna. I panic and escape to my bathroom. In there I apply some coconut oil in my hair, because why not? And I also put on these egg-white strips I bought in LA earlier this year. They’re supposed to clean up ze pores on your nose, forehead and chin. Which is ace because when you fly there's dry air inside the plane = skin overproduce oil = cloggy pores = pimples. No gracias.

10.30 am

It's difficult to smile in theeeeese.

It's difficult to smile in theeeeese.

My co-worker pings me on Slack and I sit down to get some work done (I’m officially working from home today, but hey skin care is hard fucking work). The stripes do their work as I write headlines for an audiobook program for dogs. YES THAT’S MY JOB!

11.30 am

Moist moist moist moist.

Moist moist moist moist.

Okay, so I’m gonna start prepping for real now. I put on a hydrating mask to really soak my face with moisture. Glossier’s Moon Mask is great. I’m not a big fan of their exfoliating mask, but this one is awesome. I leave that on and start packing. I’m trying to bring as little as possible. I don’t want to bring a heavy bag because it gives me anxiety. But you know, I only own MASSIVE luggages so at one point it’s just like “what the heck I’ll bring my whole closet”. Fingers crossed it’s not heavier than 23 kg.

1.30 pm

By now I’ve packed the clothes and accessories (aka the stuff I don’t need getting ready for the flight), finished up all my work (yay vacation!), had one sweet potato and one avocado with sour cream for lunch and watched two episodes of Scandal. It’s getting real saucy. But it’s time to hit the showers. I’ll probably have to hit it again later, because it’s 34 degrees out = sweat mania. But I can’t go to my landlord and pay my rent with coconut oil in my hair, so…

2.00 pm

After the shower I throw on some of Glossier’s SPF (it's a godsend) and run out. Two blocks of walking and I’m sweating. Dripping of sweat, my dudes. Gonna have to shower again goddamnit.

3.15 pm

I remembered I hadn’t gotten a wax and will hangout in a very high cut bathing suit for a week. No bueno. So right now (writing this particular part of this diary entry on my phone) I’m laying with my goodies out in the open and a very nice Indian woman is doing her work making me go oh and ah. In all the bad ways. But she calls me honey and tells me about the trip she’s doing to Calcutta later this year, so it’s all good.

7.00 pm


Full as fuck from a delicious Chicken Cashew story I ordered home. Now I need to shower again both from sweats during the day, but also food sweats which are a real thing, trust me. To make sure my skin won’t freak the fuck out from all the dehydrating showers I moisturize my whole body with Eucerin. My skin is very sensitive and this one comes without perfume which is great. For the face I start off with The Ordinary serum which has Niacinamide and Zinc in it. Not sure what that is, but I’ll buy into anything that has cute packaging. It hits on blemishes and redness and actually works. Wow. Then I follow with Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer Rich which is their heavier face lotion. I usually use the regular one during the day and Rich before bed. Then I slap on A LOT of Dior Hydra Life eye cream around my eyes. It looks a little weird, because I’m all shiny but FOCK IT I won’t let my eyes go.

2.00 am

I’m on my flight now, 3 hours delayed, and just popped two sleeping pills. Brought two big bottles of water onto the plane because staying hydrated is the most important thing of all. Feeling drowsy already (I'm a sleeping pill virgin so it's much likely placebo) and ready to curl up in my seat and watch a Will Smith movie. I’m so tempted to do a sheet mask as I sleep, but is it too much? Scared the middle aged man next to me will ask for a seat change. Eh, I’ll report back later.

3.30 pm (Spanish time)

I’m waiting for my luggage. I did not go for the sheet mask, but will as soon as I get home to the house. As I got off the plane I splashed some Glossier Face Mist in my face to wake up and depuff. I actually feel, and look, damn good. Slept the whole flight with moist and dewy skin. Now I just want to run out and jump on my Mamma who’s waiting for me at the arrival hall.

Hope you liked my skin-prep diary! It will be the longest blog post to date. Yay!

Puss! And adiós.


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