Alexa de la Cruz

A mother of a beautiful baby boy, queen of earthy colors and steering through life with grace and calm. I feel like I can say this about Alexa de la Cruz even though I’ve never met her. Scrolling through her Instagram is like my version of watching oddly satisfying videos on YouTube and I was very happy when she agreed on answering my little q&a. Turns out she's just as graceful and calm in her answers as she is in her visuals. Can't wait till I get to move to Mexico, have a baby and live in a house with white stone walls. Follow her for a bit more zen in your feed.


What are three things you want people to know about you?
I was born and currently live in Mexico City. I’m a mother to a beautiful baby boy. Rituals and slow mornings are part of my lifestyle.

If you could buy anything in the world right now, what would it be?
A farm next to the beach so I could harvest my own food.  

Where do you look for inspiration online?
My child and the act of making myself a cup of tea inspires me, the human condition and life itself. When you're easily inspired by small details life becomes more beautiful and nostalgic.

What is happiness to you?
Rain, while cooking dinner at home with my family. That means fresh sourdough, roasted vegetables, homemade pasta and a cup of our favorite wine. Alec´s singing in the background.  

When are you the most creative?
When surrounded by nature, ebb and flow.

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