Lolita Cros

I found art curator Lolita Cros on Instagram a while back when, I think, she was tagged in one of Glossier’s Emily Weiss’ posts. From one scroll I got a feeling we could be really good friends. May sound creepy but I love when that happens and I honestly think it's really cool when someone expresses an energy that you can relate or tap into. Working with The Wing and Glossier (and others but I’m no artsy person so I don’t know what or who they are) you can fairly say she’s done well for herself. I’m very inspired by her and I think you’d be too.


What are three things you want people to know about you?
Passionate, hardworker and dog lover.

If you could buy anything in the world right now, what would it be?
A work on paper by Nydia Blas and a small Dike Blair painting

If you were a painting, what would it look like?
According to Google Art & Culture, it looks like a French man...

Where do you go for silence?
I meditate twice a day.

I’ve got one day to spend in New York, what should I get up to?
It really depends what shows are up and what the weather is like. If it's summer I say take the ferry to Red Hook and go to Pioneer Works, have a lobster roll at the Red Hook Lobster Pound, and have desert at the key lime pie place.

If it's winter I say go to brunch at Cafe Mogador, then The Met (check out Michelangelo and Hockney show if you're here now), walk around in the park and have a strudel at Cafe Sabarsky. And because every good day ends with a little dancing, go to The Blond (if it's Saturday) and listen to Charlie Klarsfeld DJ.