Dakota Butler

I dare you to find a better mashup of classy and sexy than Dakota Butler. The New Yorker rules a simple, yet exciting style that has me totally captivated. So happy she agreed to answer some questions for this!


What are three things you want people to know about you?
Nothing! Just kidding. I can’t think of anything but random facts so let’s say my number one passion is food, I always take photos of cute dogs I see and send them to my boyfriend, and my biggest food craving is mint ice cream. 

If you could buy anything in the world right now, what would it be?
Probably a plane ticket to Italy. I’ve always wanted to go and if I could just buy a plane ticket I’d stay forever.

Who do you find inspiring on social media?
I only have Instagram so people that use Instagram to make something beautiful are inspiring to me. It’s so trendy right now for things to be ugly, like fashion is ugly right now but I respect anyone that still thinks fashion and clothes should be beautiful, so they create something beautiful/curate a beautiful Instagram. It doesn’t have to be just an Instagram geared toward fashion though I enjoy the IG’s that are just filled with wonderfully shot photos. 

What’s your favorite place in NYC and why?
Aside from the obvious (my bed), Lucien, this French restaurant in the east village. For me atmosphere is almost more important than food when it comes to dining out. Lucien is a hot spot for New York’s “coolest” but it never feels like it. Everyone is there to have a good time, the atmosphere is bustling, the drinks are strong and the food is delicious. Also bonus points for the best espresso martini in town.

Who is someone you look up to?
My parents. They’re very hard working people. I think they were wonderful parents and hope I will be able to do what they did for me for my kids (if I have any).