Summer eighteen

Wow. Haven’t been in here in a long while. Not sure why, but I guess this spring and summer just ran over me and had me floored by the heat and the sun and the time spent outside. Since I haven’t spent a summer in Sweden for like 6 years, it was a warm (literally, fucking hot) welcome back with 30+ degrees everyday, light workload, lots of friends who’ve been just as thirsty for rosé as I, midnight dips in the ocean, picnics in parks under the trees to hide from the sun. Wonderful.

I thought it was time for an update, as it feels kind of weird to just post something random and not have you vibing with me. So, here is a written and visual update of my summer eighteen.


I went back to New York in June. Whirlwind. I’ll tell you more in a specific post, but you know, I’ll always be deeply moved by that city. I know it sounds so cheesy, but it’s true. I literally got tears in my eyes the first night when we walked up Bowery to get something to eat. Just from hearing cabs honk and smelling that lovely garbage-NYC-summer-smell. Yum. Being there, there was just so much coming back to me. I realized I I went through a shit-ton living there, and it got a little overwhelming as I went back to places that have meant a lot for me. But as I said, I’ll give you the deets later.


After having celebrated midsummer, worked for a few weeks and turned 26, I traveled to Budapest, Hungary. Fell completely in love. What a city. Beautiful buildings, nice people, delicious food and everything cheap as peanuts. Definitely going back, but maybe when it’s a bit cooler and you can enjoy the baths and everything that they’re so famous for. We sweate our asses off in the heat, but cooled down with Aperol Spritzes as soon as we got the chance. I went there with my friend Lisa, those of you who’ve followed me for a long while know her, who lives in Copenhagen and who I don’t see enough. So getting to spend three days with her; falling asleep mid convo, getting drunk on cheap (but delicious) wine and just talk through every tiny corner of our lives, was so healing. Love you Lizzy Bear! <3


From there I went straight to my parents in Spain. Spending long days at the beach, eating grilled fish and drinking cold white wine for lunch. Going along the coast on their moped, making our way all the way up the hills and breathing in the sea and the sky. Spending the nights in rowdy seafood restaurants and falling into bed, sleeping like a baby every single night. I can’t remember last time I spent a whole week with my parents, without my brother. It was nice. Letting them take care of me, feed me, hug me as if I was their little dog. Speaking of dogs, our neighbour down there got a new little puppy, Mochi, who I got overly attached to and am planning on stealing the next time I go. He fell in love with me too, so it’s all cool.

And then I boarded a plane again, flying over the Alps back up north. And even though I went right back to work, summer didn’t end. The nights were still long and hot and humid, the water in the sea was still body temperature and the work was still a breeze. This week is the first of me wearing jeans since early May. The air was crisp this morning and I felt the very familiar feeling of bittersweetness coming over me. Can’t wait to not wear shorts, but also don’t want to freeze while waiting for the bus. Is it really over now?