Olivia McIntyre

I feel like Norwegians are having a bit of a hype right now? Is it because of Skam or...? Not that I care why, it's just funny to me how I used to look to a lot of Danes for style inspiration and now I tend to look more towards Norway and its bunch of stylish women. The more scaled down aesthetic is something I relate to and Olivia McIntyre is no exception.


What are three things you want people to know about you?
My instagram is not an accurate representation of me as a person nor of my life. I’ve kept a journal for around 7 years now and I would recommend it to everyone, it’s a truly amazing way of preserving your past selves and organizing your thoughts. I strongly believe in the power of empathy and constantly learning and relearning.

If you could buy anything in the entire world right now, what would it be?
Probably an apartment here in Oslo and some around the world, and a few more for those I care about.

What do you find inspiring online?
Strong voices that use their platforms to advocate for social issues, and also seeing people finding their people who they might never have met and from there seeing communities and movements arise.

What does an ideal day look like to you?
I don’t think I have an ideal day because it depends on what mood i’m in and my mood fluctuates a lot. From experience I’ve learnt that when I don’t have expectations for the day those days usually turn out pretty good. But good food, nature and friends usually does the trick.

Who should we all follow on Instagram?
Okay, off the top of my head: For enlightenment and inspiration @roscoeramone @chella.man/@maryvbenoit and @shishi.rose, @princessnokia @dounia @naomishimada (beacons of light). For visual pleasure and calmness @kajadons @noralandsroed @leastuedahl @helenlevi @yasminemei @fjura_ @kelseylu69

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Content, resourceful, fun, loving and loved! A career comes second, but hopefully I’ll find work that helps me on the way to those adjectives.